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What new setup ?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by TribalEagle, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Try to cope with current and just get better poweramp

    8 vote(s)
  2. Multi effect + poweramp and try old cab with more power

    2 vote(s)
  3. Multi effect + poweramp and new cab

    2 vote(s)
  4. Current + new poweramp and new cab

    12 vote(s)
  5. Bi-amping with current preamps or with new multieffect

    2 vote(s)
  1. TribalEagle


    Mar 19, 2005
    Finland EU
    Hi all..
    This is going to be long post, but I hope some one reads it through and gives hes or hers opinnion..
    I have really low budget so keep that in mind.
    So this is the situation:
    I have three different projects going on

    1. I play bass in a theater show (play and act during the show). Songs are from smooth reggae to soft rock and trash metal.
    Currently I have to use what ever amp the theater offers and my pedals (Arion Chorus -> Arion Distortion -> WahWah -> ART Tube DI (not mine) -> Amp) Allways PA-support, good monitoring. I get paid fairly well
    2. Party band project. Cover songs mainly pop or soft rock. Think somethink like Bon Jovi and RHCP. No PA-support, no monitors.
    I get my losses covered.
    3. Rock/Metal band. cover songs from Green Day to Metallica. (so need Newsted kinda sound)
    Sometimes PA-support and monitoring.
    All los for me financially, but so much fun...
    -------- (details)
    I currently have:

    Arion Chorus -> Arion Distortion -> WahWah -> Behringer BassEQ -> ART Tube DI (not mine) -> Rocktron Gainiac -> 220w power amp (bridged) -> 2x15 JBL2220A.

    Poweramp has to go, it doest work properly in rack.(passive cooling)
    JBL don`t have much lowend (atleast with this amp) so I would like replace them allso.

    So my options are:
    Buy a multieffect and get rid of everything old: What? Bass V-amp(bi-amping option and other goodies), Zoom B2.1u (DI, good rep.) some other in same price range.
    It would be very good at theater work to have different settings for every song and just use DI for the FOH sound. I can`t move big amp for the shows.

    Use old pedals, built a rock rig: Bigger amp, new speakers for the cab. f.ex. Pedals->Rocktron ->Behringer BDI21-> Poweramp -> 2x15
    Good for metal (I like the Gainiac) but useless for theater (Have to use pedal setting there)

    Bi-amp: New speakers for other old 2x15 cab that I have to support JBL cab (so 2x 2x15) other for distortion/effects other for clean.
    Would be great for metal but how will I move all that? Is Bi-amping worth that trouble?
    Allso useless for theater work.
    --------- (details end)
    Current number one option is:
    Buy multieffect, new speakers and poweramp. Sell JBLs Rocktron and the pedals.

    So what do you think?
    If someone has good, lowcost idea to solve my problem, please share...
    If would have money I would buy two or three different rigs but thats is not an option so don`t suggest that..
    Thanks all:bassist:
  2. I'm not voting. None of the above. I hate multi-effects, just my preference.

    I'd worry less about effects and start with a solid head/cabinet solution. You can have all the effects nailed down, but if your delivery (amp/cab) isn't right, it's all in vain.

    For instance, a MarkBass LMII and Aguilar or Avatar 212?

    Of course, this is my opinion.

    EDIT: I guess there is a selection I can vote for. Current + new poweramp and new cab.
  3. DaveF


    Dec 22, 2007
    New Westminster, BC
    Hmm.. I'm thinking

    Option 1).
    2 x 12 Cab (Lots of low end) - $400
    MarkBass LMII or GK 1001RB - ~$600

    Option 2).
    Instead of MB or GK head, get a QSC Power Amp ($400) and a Programmable SansAmp BDDI and run it direct in. Then program the three channels to 1)Soft Rock (less treble) 2)Medium Rock (Good Midrange) 3)Grindy rock (Lots of drive and low end).

    Those would both rock your world for under $1000... If you get a Neo Cab (EG Avatar Neo 212) it would be easily portable too! Plus the SansAmp doubles as a DI into the house PA.
  4. Greyvagabond

    Greyvagabond Supporting Member

    Aug 17, 2007
    Los Angeles
    Try out the Behinger V-amp; its actually quite nice, and should work well for your application.
  5. +1.

    Best suggestion so far.
    Sansamps have the best bang for the buck factor.

  6. Nick Kay

    Nick Kay

    Jul 26, 2007
    Toronto, Ontario
    You've got a ton of problems with that rig.

    First off, if you get a bigger power amp, you run a huge risk of melting the voice coils on the JBLs - they're only rated for 100w thermally. And with an xmax of something like 2mm, they're not very well suited for bass reproduction. You need more beefy woofers, in a well-designed box.

    Second, the Gainiac is a guitar pre. That's a big reason behind your lack of bottom end - it probably has a highpass filter somewhere to cut out stuff below 80Hz. That means your lower fundamentals are getting chewed up. Pick up a microphone preamp or a bass preamp. Guitar preamps will not have the bass response that you're looking for.

    Third, you already know your power amp is not suitable for your purposes. I'd get as much power as you can afford, but make sure it's quality, clean power. Peavey is good on the cheap, and you already know of industry standards like Crown, QSC and Crest.

    The effects situation should not be a situation at all. There's nothing wrong with your current effects, and there are much bigger issues to deal with in your rig right now. You can putz with pedals after you have something decent to run them into.

    So replace the cab first. Poweramp or preamp after that, depending on if your volume or tone is bothering you more. Effects once you have everything else sorted out.
  7. TribalEagle


    Mar 19, 2005
    Finland EU
    Thanks all
    This has been really helpfull.

    I think I will get new speakers for the better 2x15 box I have (made it my self)
    What do you think about Eminence Delta 15? http://www.thomann.de/gb/eminence_delta_15.htm
    They are not expencive, specs look kinda good and they fit the cab dimensions.

    For the amp I now have few options:
    Used or new about 300w rackmountable bassamp.
    Preamp and about 1000w poweramp. But pre must be cheap. something like Behringer ADI21. I have owned BDI21 and if I remember correctly it was really good for the price (before I broke it) Progrm. Sansamp is 259e vs. Behringer 39e is it that much better?

    As for my original plan, I have read lots of praise about Zoom B2 (and even Behringer V-Amp) here at TB so that is why I thought it would be good with poweramp.

    (I don`t think that the Gainiac is problem here. I know it`s a guitar pre, but it works kinda well as a bass distortion with other amps I have tryed for example I had Warwick profet 5.1 with it, and it worked well. Sold the amp tho cos I didn`t like the clean sound. Maby it was the cabinets fault.)

    BTW I thought that the JBL:s are rated 200w RMS :confused:


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