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What P-Bass Pickups and Preamp ???

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by mandrlane, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. mandrlane


    Dec 22, 2006
    Well... I'm finally doing it. I have a bass laying around that I made in highschool... back in 89. Custom ash body with a USA P-bass speacial neck fender bridge and dimarzio passive pickups.

    I'm putting some lightweight aftermarked tuners on, a new badass II bridge, new hardware in general, and getting the body refinished by a local pro.

    OK so... I'm thinking some new pickips and pre.

    It currently has some dimarzios in it. they were put in around 1989... no idea what they were making then. they are passive and sounded decent at the time (haven't played this bass in over ten years). since then I have become accustom to my pre gibson Tobias with Barts and my Dingwall.

    So I assume I'd want an upgrade.

    Bottom line is I want something that sounds like a big phat P-bass like the funk stuff Isley Bros, Barkays, etc... that nasty old 70s funk... I'm playing through an old Ampeg Tube V4B and a couple accugroove tri15 cabs

    So what p-bass pickups and preamps would you all recommend?

    Sorry for the long post... would love to get some advice from you guys
  2. mandrlane


    Dec 22, 2006
    Interesting... Just did a little more research. Looks like they were putting Dimarzios in fender p-basses in the 70s... maybe those Passive Dimarzios should stay!

    wonder what they would sound like with a new pre

  3. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    I don't know...I'm one of those people who thinks "P" and "active" don't belong on the same bass. Fender didn't sell them on their basses ever, but a lot of people used DiMarzios back then. Back then, they were pretty much the only game in town. I'd leave them.
  4. remo


    Jan 15, 2005
    They did actually .. the Fender Precision Special made around 1980-82.. gold hardware, active preamp with passive bypass, heavy as hell and the preamp put out enough tops you could shave with it..
  5. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Looks like I worded it a little confusingly...I meant Fender didn't use DiMarzios, not didn't have active P's.

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