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What Passive Soapbar or Blade pickup for bridge position on a P-Bass?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by ShirazBop, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. ShirazBop


    Sep 29, 2006
    Greensboro, NC
    Looking to try something different on my late 70's P shown below.

    Currently she has her vintage split coils and an early '80's Pyramid Guitars of Detroit passive blade style PUP in the bridge position. I like the tone and growl of the Pyramid but it's a bit uneven in string to string volume. Have been tweaking on height but have really got the itch to try something different.

    I prefer to stay passive and would consider swaping out also the split coil if the right "pairing" can be located.

    Found the Seymour Duncan SSB4N that looks interesting...maybe pair it with a Seymour Duncan SBP-2 like I have on my Ash/rosewood P...

    I am finger style player: energetic Praise and Worship: Third Day, David Crowder, Lincoln Brewster, Chris Tomlin....

    So,....fellow TBer holders of truth, wisdom and supreme knowledge in these matters: recommendations?

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  2. ShirazBop


    Sep 29, 2006
    Greensboro, NC
    Any inputs folks?
  3. bongomania

    bongomania Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 17, 2005
    PDX, OR
    owner, OVNIFX and OVNILabs
    TB'er "SGD Lutherie" makes some blade pups that seem ideal for the job, and he's been good about answering questions about size, shape, tone, output, etc.
  4. thejrace


    Oct 3, 2008
    Very great person to deal with. Been trying to workout some pickups for a 5er project im doing and theyve been extremly helpful and offered many options. Highly recommended.

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