What pedal am I searching for? Delay + Reverb please!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by AccessAllAreas, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. AccessAllAreas


    Jul 12, 2016
    Hi all!
    I had a Walrus ARP-87 and a Fathom on my pedalboard before I sold them in a moment of GAS to finance another piece of gear. Now I am missing them both. I don't used them often in my band's environment, but I really miss them.

    I could buy them again, but my recent board is a Pedaltrain Nano+ and I don't have space to fit both pedals on it.

    So my question is... Does anyone know a pedal that meet the following attributes:
    • delay and reverb in one pedal
    • dedicated tap tempo swith for the delay
    • delay algorithms more on the analog / lo-fi / tape side with some modulation
    • momentary /expression functions like on the Walrus pedals (e.g. to max out repeats on the delay and decay on the reverb) inside the pedal and without the need of external midi switchers
    • trails mode
    • 3 or 4 savable presets would be very helpful
    • reverse delay would also be nice

    I tested the Helix native plugin because I hoped the HX Stomp could be the ticket, but I couldn't dial in nice delays in there. They all sounded somewhat uninspiring to me if this makes sense. Actually I really like playing with the stock tape delay plugin in Logic instead.

    I know... besides the reverse delay and presets buying the Walrus pedals again would be an easy solution to get nearly 80% of my needs covered. But are there any all in one solutions???

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. AlvarHanso


    Jun 20, 2011
    Source Audio Collider Delay+Reverb has you covered. 8 presets on the face of it, with delay and reverb available as parallel, cascade delay->reverb, dual delay, or dual reverb. Tap/tempo switch, MIDI capable, stereo, incredible delays and incredible reverbs, all quite shapable, and you can also find user presets that are shared, test them out, burn them to the pedal, and tweak to your ear's delight, and keep it right there, or as one of the 128 available presets via MIDI or the Desktop Editor or phone app editor. The delay engines are Oil Can, Tape, Digital, Analog, Reverse, and on the reverb side, you have Room, Hall, SA's True Spring, Plate, Shimmer, Enormo-Dome, and Swell.

  3. AccessAllAreas


    Jul 12, 2016
    yes... the Collider is one contender on my list. But I think I'd need an external switch or a midi controller to fully use its potential. A 2nd option could be the GFI Specular Tempus.

    Has anyone used both of them?

    I'd wish Strymon would come out with mesh up of the Timeline and the BigSky!
  4. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    Came here to say Collider. I have a midi board with a Collider that I share with multiple instruments at home, that's what I use. I have a switch and yes, there is some learning time for best results. But even standalone it is very good.

    I have a Wampler Ethereal I use also. If you are looking for a single pedal, plug and chug reverb and delay that is a really good choice. Both reverb and delay can be independently used or combined. Plus Wampler famously makes his pedals compatible with bass and guitar. And it's not super expensive, and a smaller box than the Source.
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  5. +1 for the SA Collider.
    Yes, one needs midi to fully exploit its capabilities but the Collider provides plenty of options without ever going down the midi rabbit hole. Plenty for all but the most "power" of power users.
    If I never used the midi functions the Collider still remains incredibly useful.
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  6. You could get the Collider and NOT use its full potential — Like driving a Lamborghini on the street while being followed by a cop...

    If you didn't have so many restrictions, I'd make a few suggestions, but I don't know of anything out there that meets ALL your criteria.

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  7. AccessAllAreas


    Jul 12, 2016
    Thanks to all of you for your comments and recommendations!

    Currently I'm tending to buy the Walrus pedals one more time. Except 3 small limitations (not all-in-one, no presets, no reverse) I would get everything I need and like from them... easy to dial in sounds, dedicated tap switch on the delay, momentary functions and all this at the lowest overall price of roundabout 380€/~455$.

    The Collider would be more flexible, would have presets and could do the reverse and swell thing as well. But with an external switch I would have 2 pedals again and the total price would be at least 500€/~600$... the biggest downside for me: I don't want to fiddle with an app to get my sounds.

    I never liked the TC toneprints pedals or the sounds I got out the Helix native plugin. I found myself tweaking parameters way to often, instead of playing my beloved basses. This is the opposite of just playing with the inspiring sounds out of the Walrus pedals.

    Because of the pandemic I won't have the chance to test the Collider in music shop in the near future. So maybe I have to order one from Thomann to test it by myself and then decide which route to go.
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  8. freedomryder


    Nov 21, 2012
    Maybe the Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run?
  9. AccessAllAreas


    Jul 12, 2016
    It would be on my list if it would had a separate bypass switch for the reverb. Too bad! Because I really like the EQD stuff.

    I could use an expression pedal to blend the reverb in and out, but then again I would have 2 pedals, which need even more pedalboard space than the 2 Walrus pedals.
  10. Custom build from ... SFX, maybe COG (if/when he reopens shop).
  11. amper


    Dec 4, 2002
    Boss RV-500.
  12. Wanker_Joe


    Sep 26, 2017
    I'm going to recommend something a little different: Chase Bliss Tonal Recall. Flexible enough that I've been able to make reverbs and choruses on it that sound lush. Able to do anything from short slapback delays to mind-bending craziness.
  13. Real Soon

    Real Soon

    Aug 15, 2013
    Atlanta, GA
    Walrus has the SLARP. No big surprise, it's the size and cost of two pedals, but it's literally two of their pedals in one box. Even has the separate reverb bypass ;) though they won't be available for quite some time, and scalper leeches got their hands on the last ones in the wild.

    The problem is, all the features you want take up real estate. 3-4 switches on one pedal means it WILL be large; physically, there's no getting around that, esp since they have to be spaced for foot accessibility.

    Starting to think it's more feasible to look into a bigger board if you want fully featured, separate effects.
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  14. Bassinga


    Apr 12, 2021
    Maybe KMA Cirrus?

    Dedicated Reverb and Delay sections with the ability to use either one independently.
  15. Berme


    May 11, 2001
    I was in a similar situation as the OP, looking for a stereo delay + reverb.

    Found a good deal with an Avalanche Run v2, had it for a month and sold it. Then, after being torn between the SA Collider and the Empress Echosystem, I chose the latter. I'm very happy with mine.

    Take a look at the specs and the manual. The Echosystem has the ability to produce isolated reverb (I mean, without delay), you can store several presets, has an expression input... And sounds GREAT.
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  16. Liko


    Mar 30, 2007
    The EQD Avalanche Run checks all but two boxes. It has onboard tap, with a momentary feature to ramp repeats and an expression jack that can control any single parameter on the pedal, configurable trails up to a pseudo-loop ("Sound On Sound") and a reverse delay mode (plus an auto-swell).

    The two non-ideals from your list are that it's a relatively clean digital (there is a tone knob that can emulate the high- or low-end rolloff of tape and BB circuits, but not the dirt or fidelity loss), and has no presets.

    You also mentioned individual bypass switches, which the AR also doesn't have. My workaround is a Saturnworks expression switcher, allowing me to toggle between two expression settings (in this case Reverb Mix, between nothing and my desired blend). It's a 1590A-size footprint, so it doesn't take up much space, and it gives me the ability to have delay only (I have another reverb pedal so if I want reverb only I use that).

    The Source Audio Collider checks more boxes with some pretty lo-fi algorithms like oil can, and four onboard presets with MIDI capability extending that. However it doesn't have a dedicated onboard tap tempo switch, and AFAIK no ramping.
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