What pedal would you go with for a Fender?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by B166ER, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Rocktron Rampage Distortion $60

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  2. Rocktron Metal Planet $70

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  3. DOD FX86 Death Metal Distortion $50

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  4. Boss MT-2 Distortion $90

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  5. Digitech XMM Metal Master Distortion $90

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  1. I come across several pedals that look apealing and just wanted to know what some people with more experience new about this stuff. I'm kind of more of a metal alternative player, I kind of play guitar on the bass for the lower notes and sounds that a bass produces.:bassist: If anyone else has any other good pedal suggestions please tell me. Are the Ibanez fx any good? Like the fuzz or synth or distortion?
  2. Thank you moderator, as you are one of the moderators on this subject. I've found that using heavier pedals I can get the required sound much more easier. The sound I'm going for dosn't really sound anything like normal bass distortion, more like a guitar distortion sound. The sound is something that can be used as a solo more than something overdriven in the back behind the guitar and drums in a band. Do you have any experience with passive fenders and distortion? A big muff doesn't work at all with them. It would also be helpful if you looked at some of my other poles to help me out there.;)
  3. Thank you for your reply Smash. The MXR pedal is a little pricey for me though. I see if I can try one out at the local music store. Have you had any experience with any digitch stuff? Maybe the Digitech BP 8? :confused: :D
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    Stu L.

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    I liked the Rocktron Rampage. The EQ was easy to use to get a variety of sounds. Rocktron has my vote.
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    For this type of use, nothing can beat a Boss Metal Zone, IMHO.
  6. Hey Smash, what do you think about the Boss OD-20. It a multi Distortion Overdrive pedal that looks pretty good and costs ruffly the same as the MXR M 80. I need a limiter or a clip, a compressor, a good distortion, and a biamp. The Digitech BP-8 looks like it would work fine for this. But some people say that the distortion doesn't work well. Sould I get that and if I don't like the distortion, find a good distortion/metal/fuzz pedal that I like? Because the Boss OD-20 looks like it would do the job. :meh:
  7. Well, with the Bp-8 I can bi-amp cabinets(that's what I was talking about) and use the compressor and the tube in the pedal board. It also has a clip on it. The current head I have right now is a Ashdown Mag 400, it has a sweet power stage and is supper quiet, but the preamp is lacking a limiter type function and is solid state. The bp-8 would give me the tube sound(even though the mag in most cases doesn't need it) to give it more warmth and what not. It is much cheaper than other things such as an Ampeg SVP-Pro. Ya know what I mean?

    I'm kind of looking for more preamp flexability and a distortion that works with a passive fender because something just went seriously wack with the Big Muff I bought before the fender. Just focus on the preamp thing for now though.

    Do you think the bp-8 would be a good solution to more preamp flexibility? Thank you for your time.

    O yeah, I noticed you changed your saying to "our god has landed." What was "I have Mr.Booth" all about?
  8. Ye, hi Smash. Cool new picture, interesting. Well I tried out the MXR along with a lot of other pedals. Have you hears of the Proco Rat? Well apparently there's a new Turbo Rat. It sucked. I didn't like the MXR, no definition or not enough precense on the lower strings. It works well though. The boss metal and mega distortion worked well. The mega distortion had some trouble with the singnal of my bass. It was the right kind of distortion but it needed more warmth.

    I'm going to get that Digitech BP-8. It is just what I need for my situation, more preamp flexibilty, and just a good pedal board from the 90 million people I've talked to about it. The Mag 400 works and sounds sweet but again, I need more preamp flexibility and a tube provides more warmth which is another thing I'm after. Notice how the Ashdown's don't have some kind of clip or limiter on them? Well because of that my speakers flop around alot when I hit the string hard on my bass. That's bad. :(