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What Pedals Do I Get?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by glasser_cannon, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. So I've been building my board up and then tearing it back down for many years now, and I'm finally at a point where I think I know what I actually want, but would love some input before I start buying more pedals. Below are the pedals that I'm considering getting, but I would love some input from anyone that may have these pedals or ideas of alternates to them that might fit my style of playing more. I play many genres, but I focus mostly in the rock/metal area. Some of my biggest influences are Foo Fighters, Muse, RHCP, Sabbath, and Type O Negative. I primarily use P/J basses, but I have some basses with humbuckers that are tuned lower. Currently using a Peavey Tour 450 with a Tech 21 VT Bass DI, but I plan on getting an Ampeg SVT-3Pro in the near future. Below the picture are descriptions of why I chose the pedals I'm questioning buying. I already own the OC-2, PolyTune, AMT Little Big Mouth, BC-1X, Pitch Fork, Green Russian Reissue, Phase 95, and the Bass Chorus Deluxe


    Maxon AF-9 - I've always wanted a Mu-Tron III and I'm told that this is the closest that you can get to it
    Dunlop Mini Bass Crybaby - I used to use the full size bass Crybaby a lot on some songs, but since shrinking to a smaller board I had to sell mine
    Darkglass B3K V2 - I currently use the EHX Hot Wax which I like, but I don't like both circuits in the pedal. I'm told that Darkglass is the way to go for bass drives and the clips I heard are very smooth and warm without losing the low end. It can do heavy distortion very well, but it also does the lighter dirt very well which is what I would primarily use it for
    Z.Vex Super Duper w/ Concert Bass Mod - I've always loved the Sunn Model T sound on bass and would love to get it without needing to switch amps
    Z.Vex Mastotron - As much as I'd love a Wolly Mammoth, I can't justify the price when I know I won't use it a lot. The Mastotron can get very velcro like, and the pulse width is something unique that I haven't seen on any other pedal
    TC Electronic Nova Delay - Honestly, it's the only delay pedal that size where you can save multiple presets and have a dedicated tap tempo button that I've found. You can also set the BPMs on it which is great for me since I play in some bands that use click tracks
    EHX Oceans Eleven - I use to have a Digitech Polara and the EHX Freeze that I used on a few songs. This pedal can do a variation of the Freeze and I like the reverb tones more than the Polara, so two birds with one stone

    I am extremely thankful for any and all input that I can get. Really tired of buying and then selling pedals because it didn't do exactly what I was hoping it would do. Would love to hear of some alternatives to these that you guys thing would work well or even tell me why you think certain pedals in this chain would or wouldn't work
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