What people think about sheilded cables (wrapped in metal not some type of fabric)

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  1. Hey I'm lookin to go get some new cables since mine seem to be dying, I saw these cables that are sheilded, or wrapped in metal, well they were at samash.com and was I wondering if they are worth the money (they are like $60 for 18 feet i think). If ANYONE has used these or heard anything to do with them please tell me. And any responses are appreciated especially fast ones since I need new cables. (they are instrument to amp ones by the way, I need "cables" because i have a multi-effects pedal or for a backup)
  2. JMX

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    It's more a design thing, you won't hear drastic improvements at all.
  3. O and the correct term for these cables isn't sheilded its armoured. And I wish more people would answer but thanx JMX
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    I think the armoured stuff is nothing more than gimmickry. The wimpy looking George L's are very low capacitance and I've had nothing but success with them, as instrument cables (though they are a little stiff), wired up my rack with them, and also have a pair put together with ties for the send/return to my effect pedal. And I walk all over them all the time and have never had one fail yet.
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    i got to check these out at my local music store the other day. These are pretty cool cables. I don't think they sound much different from any other good cable, but the gimmick worked. This is the coolest looking cable ive ever seen, and it serves a purpose. I'm always jumping around and stepping on my guitar cables so the armour might be a nice way of protecting them. I kinda of get a good discount at that store so i'm gonna go get a 20 footer for $30. They sell them to normal customers for only $35, which is still dirt cheap for these compared to other places($60-$70). If you want a lowdown on them message me cuz i think i'm gonna go get one today or tommorow.
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    i finally broke down and bought one. they were a bit more expensive that monsters, but IMO better. They are much more durable, sounds as good or better, and have a lifetime waranty just like monster. I jump around and stomp on my cables it protects the cable well. The only thing i thought was wierd is if you unscrew the plug it voids the waranty. Well if its broken i guess i don't need to unscrew it, just return it. My advice is to get one, its like a monster, but better pretected, and real cool looking.