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what pickups for my preamp?, bass build

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by foldgerz, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. im trying to upgrade a bass i purchased the other day, its not the first time i have done this, but it is the first time i have tryed to turn a passive into an active bass... the bass is an early 2000s squier jazz bass, it does not have the control plate or pickguard so i plan to widen the cavity and make room for active electronics for the build. not to install a drop in plate preamp. i have been looking around at different preamp ideas, and i have decided on installing the audere 3ZB. now my concern is what pickups to choose? im not exactly sure how having an onboard preamp functions with passive or active pickups i havnt experienced much with it before. so im wonder what would be some good suggestions for jazz style pickups that would work well with the audere?? Active or Passive?? and has anyone ever installed a dual battery box with an audere preamp to save room in the cavity?? and where would be a good location on a squier jazz bass for a battery box?? i would like to go that route to make it easier for changing batterys. any suggestions or input is appreciated.
  2. i am looking to order my audere preamp configured with stacked vol/blend, stacked bass/low mid, stacked treble/high mid, active/passive switch and a tone control, and 18v. i play in a band that plays quite a few genres such as country, alternative rock, classic rock, funk, hip-hop and so on. so im just looking for a good tone in the middle so i can either cut or boost to my liking and change from warm full vintage style, to bright, clear sound from the turn of a few nobs. im just looking for some ideas on pickups. right now i gig with my pbass that i upgraded also from a basic squier and added hipshot hb7s, babicz bridge, dimarzio split p's, paint, restained and laqured the neck, rewired it all with cts pots and cloth wiring and so on... but it started passive and stayed passive. i enjoy it alot i have more basses but that is my go to for on the road. i just wanna try something new. i enjoy little projects like this. what would you guys put in for pickups??
  3. rb1968


    Mar 5, 2008
    hi: i installed a 3zb pro z in my MIM P/J bass. I had emgs in it but i bought Fralins and the bass sounds so much better. havent figured out the 9 Z settings per switch function that the Pro Z offers, but the low Z is awesome. I had a MIA jazz that had a bartolini in it and this preamp is by far great with fralins. hope this helps. also ensure you copper shield your bass cavity. thanks

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