What pickups would it take?

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  1. hey everyone,
    how can I get the sound that Ryknow from Mudvayne gets from my bass? I know that he has a Warwick Thumb 5 string....and I seriously can't afford one of those, but I can afford some new pickups....my bass has a P/J combination on it, unlike his J combo (with the slight slant of course)....so how can I get that sound out of mine...the very growly finger sound? I know alot of it has to do with the body of his bass....so hopefully i can achieve something close to his sound..... if you haven't heard his bass yet go to audiogalaxy and check out death blooms. I'm not a big fan, but that guys bass sounds fantastic! thanks to anyone who responds!
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    Dec 11, 1999
    The bad news is that any sound or tone is a combination of woods electrics and player. You may get the electric right by using MEC or EMG pickups with an active circuit but your bass has an alder or basswood body where the Warwick has bubinga.

    Warwicks are known for the 'growl'.

    I would suggest setting you bass and amp on 'flat' and experimenting with playing over the bridge and neck. Then add some lower mids and see what that does.

    Anyone can spend a fortune and get a good sound (actually...) the trick is to utilise what you have got. One final pointer a friend of mine complained to me about his bass. It was a Westone Thunder 1a and admittedly not the best bass available. He played it and said it was dull. I played it closer to the bridge and got a tighter sound.

    You can control how you play and eq your current bass until you can afford a 'better' bass. However if you do 'upgrade' in the future buy a bass that enhances your (not your hero's) sound.

    Anyway what do I know?

    Hope this helps
  3. Actually, my bass's body is Ash, and I've tried about every damn combination on my amp and I can't get it right....I have active pickups and ive tried putting them at their 0 positions....then gradually adding lows and highs (i dont have mid control)....and taking stuff away....anyways, like I said I've tried everything, so I think i need to get some new pickups. I know I can't get the exact sound and I don't want to rip his sound off anyways....I just want something close....because I hadn't realized that kind of sound was possible with fingers till I heard him play. So, I have utilized what I have....but I still want something different....so in regards to what you suggested pickup wise....EMGs look interesting....are they growly enough though? Is there another kind of pickup brand that I can get that sound I am looking for? I just want to be able to get the most out of my bass....like you said....but since pickups are really the only thing that changes your sound that much(other than buying a new bass), I might as well get new ones. What comes standard on Warwicks anyways? maybe that could work....
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    Dec 11, 1999
    The Warwicks use MEC. I do not recommend them (long story) if you do a search there are a lot of horror stories.

    I am not really a pickup guru so I will bow out here. The guy (there are others) who seems to know a lot about pickups is rickbass1 you could try an e-mail or PM. Thats the second time I have mentioned his name this week so dont tell him it was me just in case he has had a flolod of queries about p/u's. However he is a nice guy so try it if you dont get anyone who knows ehat they are talking about jumping in.

    Happy hunting. (also your post gets bumped)
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    Jun 25, 2001
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    IMO the only way to that warwick sound is to get a warwick, I know it sounds like im being an ass but im not. I saw a guy playing a thumb about 6 years ago and he sounded great so I checked out his rig and it was nothing special so I plugged a thumb into my rig and there you have it -it was "that sound" so I bought a thumb. There are some basses that you just really cant quite duplicate ( thumb, spector, old jass) and that IMO is one of them. I use EMG's in almost all of my basses they are great pups, Basslines are nice too but under most conditions unless you just really have terrible electronics good pups only highly enhance the sound your bass has naturally but the change can be drastic as they will let you hear things that you didnt hear before. Just my .02
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    Jul 26, 2001
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    Wondering if your money might be better spent on an amp modeller or a good preamp (Sansamp Bass DI) as opposd to new pickups? I think that would give you a better chance of getting his "sound" if indeed it is possible.
  7. i thought about getting a rack system...a power amp, tuner, and line 6 bass POD, just so that I can get every sound possible out of my bass....but I am not super finicky about the way my bass sounds...i don't change the EQ everyday or anything like that. I usually get the sound I want and stick with it so maybe the rack idea would be a waste....but pretty much from reading all the posts in reply to what i said, i think i am going to get some EMGs...any recommendations for a brand of preamp? my bass only has room for 4 knobs but it does have a large control cavity.
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    Jun 28, 2001
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    Try Turning the Treble and Bass all the way up, and the mid and mid freq all the way down, turn the gain 3/4 ;) also, it would help if you had humbucks, they can really make that sound
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    Apr 16, 2000
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    The tone is a combo of two bridge pickups both fully on, hard attack on the strings, and most importantly, heavy, heavy woods with a neckthru. Without the Thumb NT, you can't. I guess adding another bridge pickup right next to your current might help, but you'll never get the tone without THAT bass.

    Why would you want to cop someone elses tone? Whatever happened to being original and innovating? Copying will never get you anywhere.

    Interesting tone, though. But not nearly enough fundamental gets through for me.
  10. right now my amp isn't really capable of getting my own customized tone...or at least one that im satisfied with....i might just consider getting a bubinga body and bolting my neck on it ( i really like the ESP neck). hmm something to think about. alright, well thanks for all the suggestions, I think its set in stone, im going to get the EMG P/Js with an onboard preamp to get the most out of what I have. Next thing is the amp, but thats when the funds allow it....thanks so much though to everyone.
  11. ThunderStik

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    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    If you get the emg's get the bts system, not the bts control it is a 4 knob system and that is the preamp to go with.
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    Apr 2, 2001
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    This "no mids" thing sounds great in your bedroom and lousy in a club with loud guitars. Your amp needs twice the power with this EQ and you'll have to answer to all your buddies as to why they couldn't hear the bass.