What pup for my new BB300

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wyleeboxer, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Ok I just grabed my 2nd BB300, thier basically Yamaha's version of the Fender P. I love these basses, I put SD 1/4lb pups in my 1st BB300 and it sounds great, the only knock is the high G and D string notes dont sing out as well as other P basses b/c of the pups being in a reverse configuaration from a standard Fender P. But overall these basses rip for rock. So my ? is I want to maybe put a Darkstar pup instead of the SD's in my new BB300, but would hate to carve it up and maybe have a sound that doesnt work so well for rock or lacks punch. I gave up on jazz years ago. :) Ive listen to a Darkstar sound clip but cant tell other then it sounds good on its own. So is the Darkstar worth the extra $100 bucks over some SD 1/4lb pup's (or other's), plus routing out the body? I mean are they really worth the hype and are the new golden boy of pick ups?
    Thanks for any info!
  2. Well, I have a couple of BBs, a 3000S and an 1100S, and think they sound just great as they are. I had a QP in a P bass a while back, and it was a fantastic rock pickup with masses of power, but really, I prefer the punch of the Yamaha pups. I play in a heavy rock band, and both basses sound great as they are, in fact people have commented on how good they sound. I don't know if the BB300 pup is the same one in my BB3000S, but if it is, I'd leave it in.
  3. Thanks Russjm! Well they look the same but I think the BB300 are different? Thier light as a feather, look and feel cheap, and dont sound all that great to my ear. I agree with SD 1/4lb assesment, fully rockin pups for sure. I just dont know if the Darkstar pup is worth the extra money and work?
    Thanks again though!
  4. I don't reckon you can beat a SD QP as a P bass replacement, especially for rock, I think the Darkstar is good too, but given a choice, I'd take the QP.