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what pup's match best with glock pre's

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by SPYD3R #9, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. greetings!

    I had a bass that equipped with a pair of Bartolini MK5CBC pup's and Glockenklang 3 band pre's

    I want to swap the MK5 with some pup's that had radius top so it will align with fingerboard curvature / radius

    so I was looking for a dual coil, soapbar, radius top pup's

    any recommendation are welcome

  2. Not many pickups out there with radius tops... The Carvin pickups on the B25 are radiused. They make them in single-coil and humm-cancelling. But, I don't know if they sell them separately. Give them a call to find out
  3. The glock pre is very transparent so what you basicaly hear are the pups (plus type of wood..etc).
  4. yes, they are radiused, thanks for your info. I'll try to contact them

    so, if there's any specific sound that I attempt to achieve, and my pups+type of wood, etc can't produce it, swapping the glock into some filter-based pre's (ACG or Noll) will help?
  5. IMO, the glock is a fantastic pre. I would search for pickups knowing that the pre will enhance those pickups....

    I placed a glock 2 band into my G&L L2500 and the improvment was huge. The bass sounded very good passive and wanted the option to boost and not only cut.

    I first tried the glock on an Adamovic Saturn 5 bass and was blown away of was possible to boost 14db at 40hz and sound natural, 18db at 18khz and open up the tone. Of course the bass was an art itself.
  6. Glock was great!! therefore I was looking for a curvature cover with dual coil inside to match with glock... the nordstrand looks promicing.. but they were flat at the pups cover