what scale length strings do I need for my bass?

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    Nov 1, 2015
    Okay so I have a Jackson js3 5 string concert bass: Jackson JS3VQM Concert Bass (Transparent Amber) and I'm looking to put some new strings on it. What I'm wondering is will medium scale strings fit on this bass? Cause I was looking to get a set of Dunlop super Bright's, and I was wondering will the medium scale ones fit this bass, or will I need to buy long scale ones, because the bass is apparently long scale (34")? Here are the medium scale ones I was looking at: Jim Dunlop DBSBS45125 Md-5/St Bass Super Bright Stainless Steel Bass String:Amazon.co.uk:Musical Instruments thanks ^_^
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    Dunlop only makes one length string (Long Scale) with a 37.25" winding length.

    If you measure Ball End to Nut and the distance is LESS THAN 37.25" then yes the Dunlop Super Brights will work for you!
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    Nov 1, 2015
    So the ones I listed there should work with my bass yeah? Thanks for the help man, I figured they would, I just didn't wanna buy some and then find out that they don't fit or whatever :)
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