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What should I do? - Blown Speaker! - High Sensitivity replacements???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by vapochilled, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Alright today I decided to pull out my "junker" cabs and give them a go. To make a long story short my 2x10" has an awfull sounding if not "blown" right side speaker. The cab is a Behringer BA210, so I figure it's MDF if not lower grade fiberboard.

    Is it worth upgrading the speakers in these cabs?
    If so what "High Sensitivity" speakers sound "good" in bass cabs?

    So far I've found:
    Celestion Orange Label with 97 & 98db sensitivity for 10".
    Eminence BASSLITE® CH2010 @ 96.7db
    Eminence BASSLITE® S2010 @ 96.2db
    Both Eminence have better frequency responce than the Celestion, and the later having the best of the two.

    Does anyone have thoughts or experience with those speakers or any other high sensitivity speaker?

    Notes on the cab: It's rather large, ported (slot type), and some what heavy. The back plate claims "Impedance: 8ohm Power Handling: 500 w", but 165w amp took the p.o.s. out. (WalkAbout pushing an 8ohm load)

    Other things to consider: With the above in mind if this is worth while. I would like to be able to shed some weight. Lighter magnets, basket, ??? I would also like to make it truely handle 500w and keep it an 8 ohm cab. So not to confuse anyone reading the back plate.

    Edit: I opened up the cab and it is MDF
  2. I have been doing a little searching online and I've seen various "Pro Audio" Speakers recommended.

    I am also looking into:

    Eminence American Sandard Deltas are @ 98db+
    Eminence DELTALITE® II 2510 @ 97.3db

    I've seen a few others that are high sensitivity, but their list price. Makes it cost effective to get a different cab.

    I think the american standards seem to fit the bill. Low list price per unit, and one of the most sensitive I've seen. I'll have to measure the internal dimensions to be sure. Only Down side is originally the cab was wire two 4ohm speakers in a series. And the Deltas are 8 or 16ohm. I could do 16s in parallel.

    I've also been rethinking my optoins as I could easily make a new back plate. Then use the 8ohm speakers with a series / parallel knob for 16/4 ohm operation. Amoung other ideas I have had about tweeter control.
  3. Gintaras


    Dec 11, 2004
    Kent Island, Md.
    do you still want to have an 8 ohm cab?

    Typically speakers need to be matched to cabs. Both internal volume and port size are factors in matching speakers to cabs. There are pdf specs on each of the speakers that give recommended volume and port size.
  4. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    Rather than spending money on good speakers and getting dubious results you're probably much better off just getting a better cab that has good speakers. There are a lot that are much better than Behringer. Some quite inexpensive and fairly light with Neo speakers and cabinets that will be tuned for those speakers. Avatar is one good example. You can't beat their prices and their quality is much higher than the Behringer. The Walkabout is a potent little amp and deserves a good speaker cabinet. Using any 4 ohm 2x10 cabinet with it can be risky if you play loud with a lot of bass boost. That Walkabout can easily fry a 400 watt rated Eminence cast frame 15" speaker which is a good one. I did it once. Use 2 speaker cabinets to make it easier or watch your volume and be careful not to boost bass. Replacing blown speakers gets expensive.
  5. I have an older ampeg cab. I play through most of the time. I actually dragged them out, to make sure they sounded okay before seeing what was at any of the music shop / potential partial trade. (I've been getting lured to the "micro" heads out there) On about the 4th bar in to a progression it, started a horrid noise that won't stop. I wasn't sure if I should "salvage" the 2x10 box or what.

    I've never bought anything I haven't played myself. But I do hear raving reviews on Avatar. Both online and here and there on the local scene. I just don't know how they sound. Most the local stuff I hear is gui****s talking. Is there a "sound" you feel Avatar is similar to or like? Or any two sounds they are between? i.e. Between Mesa and Ampeg, any discription of what their bass product sound like will help me.

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