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What should I get?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by xSpooNx, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. hi guys

    im pretty new to bass, as i have only been playing for about 8 months. I currently have a Crate practice amp (i forget the model) and it is like 12w :rolleyes: Fine for getting started, but now i have a 5-string, and at any audible volume, the low-B gets farted out and goes all distorted :(

    It is now time for me to upgrade to a larger model :D Im 15, no job, and therefore limited budget. I need an amp that can be heard (I also tend to play lightly). My friends and I recently started a 5 piece band, and our drummer is hella loud.

    Im going to be playing anything from punk to metal, so that may effect what you tell me is good/bad/ugly. Also, A say again, I have a 5-string, so i need something with enough power to get that Low-B out there.

    I went down to the guitar shop today and tried out a Peavey TNT 115, and a Roland DB-500, both sound pretty good. The Peavey was larger, heavier, and louder. The Roldand was weak in the volume category, but seemed to have a punchier tone.

    This is also my first post, and i seem to be way behind on the terminology so yeah.. hi, and please, if you have any suggestions or comments on either of those, or any others in that sort of range, please HELP ME!! hehe

  2. or a cheap head+cab combo.. w/e u guys think..
  3. What kind of budget?
  4. CPL


    Aug 24, 2003
    New England Area. USA
    You might want to consider getting a used amp. I'd say a stack or half stack with a 15 or 18 for that low B. The head should at least be 300 watts or more, especailly for the style of music. Otherwise, you'll have nothing but problems. Getting used (check it over first to see if everything is okay) will be at least more cost effective. If you were to get a stack/ half stack new, you'll be spending at least $1000. If you want cheap and loud, I'd recommend Peavey. They have always seemed to hold up for me. Maybe you can upgrade some day if you decide when you have the money.
  5. thx CPL.. you might be on to something there..
    my only fear is that i dont really know that much about amps, and so i may not be able to tell if the amp is in good working order or not.

    Circus.. my budget goes up to about 800$ CAN plus tax.. thats about $600 for all u americans lol.

    You tell me though.. for a head and cab its about $1000 plus tax.. is the exra money worth it?

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