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What should I go for?!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by attackbass, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. attackbass


    Jul 16, 2007
    Endorsing Artist:Orange Amps, EBS FX, Ernie Ball, Fender Bass Guitars
    I've just got an artists deals with Tech 21/Sansamp.

    So logically GAS kicked in big time for me to upgrade from my programmable bddi on the floor to one of the rack units.

    I would say right now I am happy with my sound with the programmable unit but I have been thinking about upgrading to a rack unit for about a year now and having the extra mid control and options such as affected and unaffected DIs and FX loop etc. Also another reason I would like the rack unit is that I favour the actual DI from the sansamp rather than running via a 1/4" jack to either the DI on my head or a di box. The sansamp is currently on my pedal board at the front of the stage. I find the Sansamp DI a lot punchier thant others.

    So the logical decision would be to go for the RBI... but then i read all the threads and find out about the RPM and how it is loads better.

    I have a grind svt kinda tone going with the blend on at about 60% and the drive at about 1 o'clock.

    I guess im trying to find out if the RPM is able of creating this sound whilst being more versatile still than the RBI. I don't need a full on distortion/OD sounds and I don't want to sound like Geddy Lee.. which makes me anxious of going with the RPM as most soundclips are rush orientated.

    Also how valuable is the extra mid and mid shift controls.. as I have a mid on my svt 3 and also the sound guy surely has the final say releastically on how much mid is in the tone!?

    Would i be more than happy with RBI if i like the floor unit or is the RPM really the dogs bollocks tone wise and versatility wise?!

    Thanks for reading.. any insight would be rad!

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