What Should I Pair with my Avatar 210?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by HeyyyyyJoe, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. 210

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  2. 212

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  3. TB153

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  1. HeyyyyyJoe

    HeyyyyyJoe Yahtzeeee Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2007
    Brooklyn, NY
    Hey guys, so I've been using a Avatar 210 8Ohm cab with a GK700RBII for the past two years. I'm looking to expand, and I'm looking for advice on what I should get. Should I go with another 210, move up to a 212, or go with the TB153? Basically I would like versatility, right now I'm playing with a solo artist who I'd compare him to Jack Johnson. I want that deep bass but I don't want to lose definition. Also would like to ability to change tones if I find another project. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. rmars


    Jan 2, 2004
    Bettendorf, Ia
    The only thing to match up the B210 with is another B210 or a 4ohm B410, but your head won't go below 4 ohms.

    The 212 probably wouldn't be horrible but I wouldn't do it. I would think you would have them cancel each other out a bit and I think the mid voice of that 212 might overwhelm the 210.

    And last but not least; I know Avatar says you can do it, I know there are a few TB'ers that do it but the 210 with the TB153 combo is absolutely awful. I have a B210 and a TB153 and in no way shape or form do those cabs work well together. If you eq the TB153 for optimal performance you will blow you B210 at louder volues, it just can't take the lows the 153 can. At lower volumes they cancel each other out so bad it's about half as loud as one cab or the other. You nether have the low mid punch, and upper mid grit the 210 does so well or the amazing low end and mid clarity of the TB153.

    The 210 is way more efficient cab and can hit a decent volume with little power. The TB153 takes more juice and eq to get it going but it's an absolute beast, it's just to much for the 210 when it's properly eq'd and powered.

    For the deep bass tone your looking for and to get the most out of that head I would do a 4ohm B410 or 4ohm TB153 and use one of those for your big rig and keep the 210 for small stuff.

    I'm voting for the TB153 but NOT for pairing with your B210, if you insist on pairing get another B210.
  3. shoot-r


    May 26, 2007
    If you like what your getting from one Avatar 210 with your G.K. head, I'd suggest also your going with another of the same 8 ohm 210 cabinet.

    My gigging rig consists of two Avatar 210 Neo cabinets stacked as a vertical 410 powered by a G.K. MB-500 head.
    I'm working with a loud, 6 pcs., country/rock group playing everything from animal clubs and local bars to outdoor fairs with FOH.
    This set-up has been more than adequate for me.

    Plus stacking the two 210 cabs in the vertical will give you some sound and dispersion advantages over a standard configured 410 cabinet.
  4. Mystic Michael

    Mystic Michael Hip No Ties

    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    There ya go... :meh:

  5. rmars


    Jan 2, 2004
    Bettendorf, Ia
    I've been gigging the B210 vertical stack for a few years now. Really liked it and got a LOT of compliments on the sound. I just sold one of my 210's and am kinda wishing I hadn't.

    It's sounds very clear and open and is very reactive to your touch. The only reason I decided to move away from it is because playing a passive J bass I'm looking for a bit more thick/fat tone. That rig works awesome and has great low mids but I wanted a bit fatter low end and thicker mids at higher volumes.

    Running them horizontal gave me more low end and a thicker overall tone but I think the drivers are spaced so far apart it gets blurry and box'y sounding and added a mid scoop that I didn't care for.

    IMO I would rather run one B410 (or TB153) versus a pair of B210's horizontal if I wanted deep, defined bass. If I want a clear, accurate yet not extendedly eq'd sound of my bass then the vertical 210 stack rules!
  6. HeyyyyyJoe

    HeyyyyyJoe Yahtzeeee Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2007
    Brooklyn, NY
    Thanks for the input, wow rmars, you really squashed my GAS for a 212 with my 210 lol. Another thing I noticed, they don't sell Avatar B210 Eminence Neo speakers in 8 ohms anymore, I'd have to go with a ceramic magnet pro 10 if I want 8 ohms. When I bought my B210 two years ago, it was when they only sold Neo Eminence speakers with choice of either 4 or 8 ohms.

    I don't know how I feel about mixing now...
  7. rmars


    Jan 2, 2004
    Bettendorf, Ia
    Sorry or your welcome! LOL! Not trying to be negative just trying to save you some needless trial and error and money.

    That's too bad about the 8 ohm Neo's. I'm sure you could pick up a used one if you watch the classifieds. Not sure how mixing a Neo and Ceramic would sound though I'd think you'd be better off with matching drivers.
  8. Bassman7PM


    Mar 13, 2006
    Chicago, IL
    I've been using a B212 Neo/B210 Ceramic combination for just about all types of genres over the past couple of years and I highly recommend it. I powered both 8 ohm cabs with a Carvin B1500 and there are no words to decribe the tone :D . I also used a B210/B115 combo for a while but wasn't that happy with it. In my experience the 212 carries the mid tones and the 210 carries the lows. I always stacked the 212 on top but you can always experiment.

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