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Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by B8ssMan89, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. I hope to get an upright bass soon. What size should I get, since Im starting out? Should I go for a 3/4? Or a full sized 4/4?
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    i see no reason to go through the hassle of a 4/4 bass unless you need it for a specific reason. 95% of the basses out there are 3/4. Now that I own one, I see why. It's plenty big!
  3. Well depends how big you are. I'm 6' 183 pounds and i went for the 4/4 (which is actually a large 7/8, but they dont make true 4/4's very often anymore). It suits me perfectly, I'm able to play it fine. I also use a 3/4 size when I'm at school. That works well too, although it's not as full sounding. Since endpoles are adjustable I dont really have any problems. True it's easier to wrap your arms around a 3/4, but yeah. It really depends on your preference. Go try a few out, see which sounds best. Don't rule anything out based on size alone. Hope that helped.
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    Since you are starting out, your budget is probably not more than $3,000, and getting a decent 7/8 size in the price range is tough. Most people play 3/4 size. And most beginner instruments are 3/4, with a 41 1/2 or 42 inch string length. A good setup is more important than the size of the instrument, in this price range.

    How tall are you?