what software for home recording?

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  1. ive got alot of neat song ideas. while i do play in a band, some of my ideas are too 'out there' to warrant presenting to my band, as they range from funk to drone to death metal. ive had a copy of finale printmusic for a while, i juse havent been able to use it because of theuser priveleges on my computer (.exe's and other programs on a seperate hard drive from regular files, which i need a password to get into since my dads paranoid :rollno:). i plan on purchasing a zoom b2.1u multifx pedal soon, which has a usb out port for computer recording, in addition to a copy of cubase le4, which looks like it should do the job for at least being able to record onto my computer

    as far as programming drum beats go though, a friend of mine has a copy of toontrack ezdrummer with the drumkit from hell expansion. he uses apple logic pro and a usb microphone for recording, and he imports beats from ezdrummer into logic pro. does anyone know if ez drummer would be compatible in this way with cubase le4?
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  3. Cheap and good is Audacity....free at sourceforge.net. Functionally like a lower budg version of Sony SoundForge.
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    Full disclosure, I'm a certified Fender technician working in a music store that carries Fender, Yamaha, and Ibanez products among others.
    Ezdrummer is VST compatible, so yeah, it'll work with Cubase 4 LE. You should learn what VST's are, and what they do; you'll be seeing that pop up quite a bit in home recording.
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    Reaper is free I believe. I use and prefer Sonar 8.
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    Me too, but Sonar 8 isn't cheap. Reaper is free to try. They want $60 for it. I downloaded it yesterday to try it out but I haven't installed it yet.

    I use a fair bit of looping and MIDI to put tracks together. I don't know whether Reaper does either.