what string is this?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by henryjurstin13, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. I have a DiPinto Belvedere I got used... prolly not factory strings, but I have no clue. They are a pretty thick roundwound with bright red cloth wrapped around the ends. 4 string set is prolly .45-.50 down to a .105 (give or take) I have had this bass for about 1 year & I have never changed the strings. It was my first bass & I was still focused on guitar... in the past few months my interests have changed (as well as my duties in my band) so I am try to learn everything I can about the lows of the bass world. Any clue as to what string this might be? Is there anything else I can look at? I really want to know, because they haven't broke/stay in tune very well/sound great to be this old/etc... seem to be a great product & I would definately purchase these strings...

    thanks, justin henry
  2. Sounds kinda like GHS Bass Boomers (www.ghsstrings.com), but there are many strings now with red wrap. However, I do recommend them, as they sound great and last a long time.

    Of course, I'd also recommend changing your strings every 2-3 months, or sooner, depending on your playing habits.
  3. no doubt about changing strings... I have been changing my gigging bass about every 2-3 weeks... sweaty hands & hard picking..... just got some denatured alcohol yesterday. like I said, I am just getting into the bass string world. But, for not playing this bass a WHOLE lot, just a little along -- these strings are freakin' amazing. Still no tuning problems & they still sound pretty good. If it helps - the winding of the string stops anywhere from 1-2 inches above the nut & that is when the red wrapping starts.
  4. Looks like Rotosound Swingbass strings. If that's an english made bass, that would be my best guess.