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What strings do you recommend for RBX774

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Drumming Puggy, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. What strings do you recommend for RBX774

    I like a strong attack when picked but with warmth at the other end of the scale.

    Appologies if someone else has put out a similar post, I have done a seach but did not find anything similar.
  2. bigbeefdog

    bigbeefdog Who let the dogs in?

    Jul 7, 2003
    Mandeville, LA
    I prefer flats on just about everything, so disregard this response if you don't...

    I tried LaBella Deep Talkin' Flats on mine, and didn't care for the result. They're some of my favorite strings on other basses, but they sounded rather dead on the 774.

    I put a set of Ernie Ball flats on it, and was pleased with the combination. Normally, I wouldn't prefer the Ernies to the LaBellas, but they were a better match to the RBX774. They're fairly bright flats, and give a good punch when desired; you can also turn down the tone knob and get a closer-to-P-bass sound.

    Just to be clear, it was a set of these (there are a few different gauges you can select from):