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What style is mostly use for videogame music basslines?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by StrudelBass, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. StrudelBass


    Jul 6, 2002
    What style is mostly used for videogame muic basslines?

    I've been listening to videogame midis and some of the bass lines are very cool. So where do you think composers come up with this stuff?

    BTW, anyone else like videogame music? I enjoy Megaman.
  2. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    hm, there's sooo many stuff - it's hard to answer.

    I guess you find any style, but mostly electronic music (naturally).
    Are you talking C-64, console or arcade?

    Right now I'm in the process of downloading all MAME roms - phew!
  3. StrudelBass


    Jul 6, 2002
    Mostly console. But come on, someone out there agrees most bass lines in video game music are pretty cool. Its a sad thing that most of it IS done with electronica though.
  4. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
  5. Nobody composed this stuff. Most of it is just ripoffs of fusion and shred-metal tunes.

    The first time I ever heard Al DiMeola's "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway" was in a MegaMan game.
  6. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    There have been numerous composers who even gained fame that lasts until today, people like Chris Hülsbeck or Rob Hubbard.
    I don't know about most console stuff, but the C-64 and Amiga scene had good composers who did lots of great originals.
    [EDIT] You just have to include Markus Siebold who did the music for Turrican II.
  7. Ah, OK, I was referring to the console composers. I remember some obscure Square game's sound designer had the balls to use a Metallica riff--changed by one note--in his game.

    It's funny--on guitarwar.com, there are often guys who post a song and say, "I ripped this off of X videogame who ripped it off of Y shredder who stole it from Z Baroque composer."
  8. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Regarding the enormous number of tunes that videogames have, I'd like to think it's hard to stay original all of the time, at least for some composers. After all, you're being paid to write good tunes, fitting for the game, in a strictly limited time. It can be hard to stay original and creative with all that pressure on your shoulders, so you take short cuts to get the job done.

    However, the most part of it is original music. Even if the riffs (or even the entire tunes) might resemble eachother, but that happens all too often in top-40 tunes too. And Blues. ;)

    As for "Race With Devil...", Which Mega Man game are you thinking of, Peter?
  9. hayngman


    Aug 20, 2002
    Wise County, TX
    Yeah, but I swear that I heard two distinct Pantera riffs in DOOM II (I think it was part two).
  10. It's been a long time, but try either III or X.
  11. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    The soundtrack to Kessen II on PlayStation II was quite nice - orchestral music with a Chinese/Japanese flavour - very high quality -added immensely to the atmosphere.

    Final Fantasy X had a complete mish-mash of styles - drippy ballads, death metal, orchestral - just about everything was in there - "kitchen sink" mentality!! :D
  12. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    i need to go out and buy that FFX game
  13. christoph h.

    christoph h.

    Mar 26, 2001
    a week ago at work someone put pantera's "vulgar display of power" into the cd player and asked:
    "who has played doom?". he then explained that john romero was/is a big fan of pantera and asked them for permission to use some of their songs for doom (the first part).

    not sure whether this is true, but i recognized some of the riffs, too.
  14. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    Old School Nintendo had the coolest tunes. Legend of Zelda is an obvious one. Super Mario Bros... who could forget it. A very underrated game as far as music goes, Marble Madness. Stupid/Fun game, Great music. I love it.
  15. bplayerofdoom


    Aug 6, 2002
    You know you all love the Duke Nukem themes
  16. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesome

    Apr 2, 2001
    What are the true origins of the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack?
  17. Yeah, the Super Mario Bros music is nice. The main theme is a nice, jazzy melody. And the music you here when Mario goes underground is a finger funk workout mixed with some chromatic lines.

    I think video game music back in the day was more creative. The music that old game consoles could produce was physically very limited, so they came up with some pretty original sounding melodies.

    I hardly play games any more, but some of the more recent (over the last 4 years) video game music seemed kind of sterile to me.
  18. The Meridian Child theme in Sieken Densetsu 3 on the SNES.
    No idea if it was hijacked from elsewhere, but it sounds incredible.

    I also think most of the Sonics 1 thru 3 have some good tunes in - does this make me bad? :)
  19. thrash_jazz


    Jan 11, 2002
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Artist: JAF Basses, Circle K Strings
    One of my new side projects, VGM, is going to be based completely on video game cover tunes.

    I always liked the Mega Man music too...
  20. has anyone heard goldfinger's cover of the super mario bros. theme? it's awesome, seriously. it has, like, 4 different levels and the ending all in the one song. the bass line in the first and third parts (the 'open plains' level and the 'underwater level', respectively) are extremely awesome.

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