What sub for a single driver second cab?

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  1. ok, like the title sais, im probably going to just build myself a reinforcement cab to get more of the low end (right now im only running a 4x10 cab).

    i was wondering what some good subs are for this, and any suggestions for horns/tweeters also would help (seeing as my cab doesnt have one)

    last thing: if i put a horn in the cab along with the driver, i assume ill need a sort of crossover in the cab with it, should i just use a standard one or are there ones specifically for this?

    thanks for the input guys

  2. anything? any suggestions?
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    Sep 9, 2001
    I don't think you have provided enough information for folks to make an intelligent response.

    To match the sensitivity of your current cab, you need to tell us what your 4x10 cab is and how sensitive it is. Likewise, it's power rating.

    Normally, a sub does not have any tweeters; a subwoofer usually operates from 20-30hz up to perhaps 300hz. Most tweeters or horns don't start until 2-4,000hz.

    As for crossovers, there are lots of them, and which makes sense depends on the frequency at which you intend to crossover the drivers and the power ratingi t has to have.

    I think what you are asking about is making a 1x15 cab to go under your 4x10. You can't make one any cheaper than you can buy an Avatar.
  4. that works, thanks for the heads up
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    Avatar's 1x15 cab makes a great bottom end cab for a bass rig. I currently use one crossed over at 125hz and pair it with a 4x8 cab which is run full range. A crossover isn't necessary but that's how you make it operate as a subwoofer.
  6. thats what i figured, and i checked out the avatar site, pretty resonable, how/what did you use to cross the 15 though?