what the diff. between a Fender Affinity & Fender Standard P Bass

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  1. Someone Please help me figure this out.. tell me experiences u had or anything you knoe :cool: thanks for any help. :p

    (extra info ... i can get a affinity with an amp... gig bag.. cords.. strap... for $550.... i can get just the standard p bass for $450... (Canadian)
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    Nov 10, 2000
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    The only "affinity" series I know of is the Squire Affinity series. The difference is wood, parts, pickups, and in the end who makes it. I believe samack makes the squire affinity. The standard is made by fender in Mexico. IMO the mexician made fender is a fine insturment (dont order online) play bunch of them until you find one with right sound and feel. Even thou fender is on the most part mass produced, the quailty varys from one bass to another. In fact the same is true for handmade insturments as well. Side note- my friend just bought a fine Martin guitar for $2500.00 he tried 10 of the same type, same price, and found only one he really liked.
  3. Squiers Affinity series are made in CHina, I´ve played two or three affinity series strats, they didn´t feel so different to my made in Korea Squier Stratocaster, but they did have some differences in wood, construction (number of pieces of wood te body and neck were made of..) but it wasn´t such a big difference at all.. not even in sound.. That must be the same for basses I guess
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    Jan 25, 2001
    The affinity p-bass is made in Indonesia (that's what it says on the back of the headstock), they're made of alder (true story!), and have a maple/rosewood neck. I got mine in that pack dealy, and I love it...I like it more than most of the Fenders I've tried.
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    Actually, I have seen Squier Affinity's with Indonesia, China, and Singapore on them.
  6. A big difference between the affinity and standard series are mainly quality of components used (pickups , tuners ) as well as the work done on them. take off the pickguard and check out the wiring and solders , the standard series will normally be a bit better. Also here's a biggie , the standard series uses a hardwood body ( cheap but hardwood none the less) where the affinity series uses a laminate ( think plywood ). IMO the standard series is worth the extra bucks and sound pretty goood for the price.