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what to buy?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sikamikanico, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. sikamikanico

    sikamikanico Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2004

    I know there are probably many "what to buy" threads in this
    forum, but I know nothing about basses and I want to buy one
    ok, I do know some stuff, but everytime I speak to someone
    who's in the business I get lost...
    I've been playing a second hand Yamaha for about a year now
    and I think it's time to move on...

    so, my first question would be:
    1.) can I get a soft and a heavy sound from the same guitar?
    I mean, I'm interrested into slapping and funky stuff, but on
    the other hand I play in a metal-oriented band, so I also want my
    bass sound like Children of Bodom's bass... I use an Ashdown
    ABM C210T-300 EVO II Combo (amp)

    2.) what material's are recommended?
    3.) same with pick ups and stuff... is humbucking Ok? and why?
    4.) ok, I know the best thing to do is to try as many different
    guitars as possible, but is there anything speciffic I should be
    carefull about? where could I go wrong?

    Thank you,
    Jure from Slovenia, Europe...
    (I'm sorry about my english and spelling...)
  2. Ja, prou kolega, pa bomo odgovorili...

    1.) Jaco said, that the sound is in the hands, and I agree, you can get "slappy" and "metal" sound out of the bass. But technology can help too...

    Ashdown amps are nice, versatile, if you are not happy with your sound it's definetly the bass, not the amp.

    2.) Material in what sense? Do you mean type of wood, composites...

    3.) Electronics is probably the most lacking component in low budget yamaha basses. Low cost upgrade is an option. Depends on how much do you want to spend... You'd probably want the same dimension of the pickups...

    4.) If a new bass fits you there is nothing to worry about, if it's of unknown origin or vintage, more caution is needed. Talkbass database has grown so much through these years, that you can find practicly anything you wish to know...

    Keep grooving.

    Jure (ja, neverjetno...) :p
  3. sikamikanico

    sikamikanico Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    svet je mejhn :D

    ok, it's a little to late, I already bought my bass and I think
    I didn't go wrong... it's a MusicMan SUB bass for about 700$
    (590euros). I bought it yesterday and I'm fully satisfied...

    thanks for the help though...

  4. Congrats! I´m sure that SUB will serve you well. Now all you need is a digital camera, so you can show your new bass to all of us...

    BTW, may I ask what´s the story behind your nickname? It sounds pretty funny in Finnish. :D
  5. Now that's nice to hear. Where did you buy it? Agreed, a photo would be nice. Through ashdown, you've got covered lots and lots of ground.

    Have fun :bassist:

    Jure (yes, the second...)
  6. sikamikanico

    sikamikanico Supporting Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    well, it's all connected... sikamikanico is a rare Red Hot Chili
    Peppers song (btw, what's funny about it in Finnish?) As you
    may already know, Flea uses a MusicMan Stingray and since
    the SUB bass is kind of a Stingray copy... I guess it was love
    on first sight... or should I say hearing :)

    I found the first SUB in Hartman, Ljubljana, but just as I was
    about to buy it, I found a 100$ cheaper one in
    Glasbeni-Center Čurin (BTC, Lj)

    photo is atached (I hope...)

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