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What to choose 4 Funk?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fleafan, Oct 1, 2000.

  1. :oops: I am so confus-ed with all the choices out there i played a Fender jazz (mexican) but i dont like the look of it and my wallet is VERY small so if you oh so wize peeps out there could guide me in the ways of your wisdom it would help lots thanks
  2. Uh...get more money?

    I suppose that generally you should be looking for the most well made basses. I think that ones with a good bridge, multiple pickups and hardwood bodies are a start. There are a lot of basses to choose from. Louis Johnson threw it down with a Precision, Stanley Clarke with an Alembic, Bootsy Collins with a ???, Rocco Prestia pumps it out with a Jazz, so there is a starting point.
  3. oops i meant to include the fact that i loved the funky sound that the fender j made...
  4. Well, that does narrow it down a bit...

    If you liked the J and the MIM wasn't up to your likes as far as construction goes, then a good choice would be a Fender MIJITSO 62 reissue Jazz bass. Never heard of one of these? MIJITSO is a phrase that I coined meaning Made-In-Japan-In-The-Style-Of a 1962 re-issue. It is technically inaccurate to call the Japanese re-issues true re-issues because they lack some of the proper hardware that the American re-issues have. But, for bang for the buck, you can't beat them. They are very, very nicely constructed even rivaling the American versions. They offer an extremely playable neck, are true to the template (no problems changing pups like in the MIM versions) and haven't had the inflated values assigned to them by the market. I have a fretless version and am looking for a fretted to make a matched pair. I love'em. You will too. Keep looking on ebay for examples and you'll see what I mean.
  5. Turock

    Turock Supporting Member

    Apr 30, 2000
    >Rocco Prestia pumps it out with a Jazz

    When I saw TOP, he was using a Precision, and the P is what I would reccomend for funk.
  6. good for funk in my opinion would be the stingray, they have a real nice punchy sound to them. If you get a Piezo bridge on it, you'd probably get an even better sound for some things that you may want to play
  7. Mr. Jamerson seems to have been able to get pretty funky with a Precision.
  8. Thanks (yes now my post is @ the top)

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