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What to do about "S" curves (neck warp)

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by um... yeah, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. ...Just took delivery of a fender 70's special Edition Jazz Bass (my first online purchase) and the neck came with a substantial bow in it.
    I live in Toronto Canada and the bass came from California, so I was expecting a little wonkiness at the start.
    Initial setup was garbage and I soon found out the bullet nut was almost fully engaged before I could even consider further adjustments, so I added three washers under the bullet hoping it would work.
    Since yesterday, I've been trying to coax this baby to play the way I want it to and after going to the Gary Willis school of truss adjustment, I feel I deserve a friggin diploma. :mad:
    The lower register is starting to buzz a bit and the upper is still bowed ever so slightly-the classic "S" curve.

    Does anyone have any remedies for this problem?
  2. Thank you Treena,
    That article brings back alot of memories. Pretty much most of what's in there I already know. But thanks :)

    After more struggle, I guess the truss rod has decided it's too hard a job to keep the neck straight; it's better now, but every night I've tried to tighten the rod a little bit more, the following morning the bass strings are still high and feel like bridge cables. Why is this happening? :crying:
    The truss rod is maxed out, so there is no more room to tighten.
  3. Well first off if the truss rod is maxed out and there is still to much bow loosen the strings until the neck straightens out (Don't just keep loosening them, do it enough to straighten out the neck). The truss rod shouldn't be fighting THAT hard against string tension. Anytime you are trying to tighten the rod it's best to loosen the strings.

    Thats as much sound advice as I can give, maybe Hambone or someone will come through and offer a little more.
  4. Thanks ;)