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  1. I have recently swapped my MIM Fender p bass pickups with Seymour Duncan SPB-3's... Which brings me to my question. What can I do with my old MIM pickups? Are they able to be upgraded in any way?

    (Obvious answer is try and make some money off of them, but I don't see any real value)
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    I flip MIM's, so what I would do is upgrade the MIM p/u's, put those into a Squier Affinity P bass, and sell the Squier P/U's for $20 and the Squier for profit.

    Be sure you shield the pickups, because they will have the Fender hiss otherwise.
  3. So MIM Fender pickups can make the squier increase in value enough to be worth the time? I would have never thought that. Thank you for the suggestion. I just have that feeling like the pickups are worth more than them just being tucked away in a box forever.
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