what to do in Valparaiso In

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  1. I'm going to be visiting Valparaiso Indiana in a few weeks to check out Valparaiso University and was wondering what should i do/see while i'm there.
    thanks in advance
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    there is NOTHING TO DO AT ALL. My gf is from there, and we visit alot. Her parents live on a lake so I wakeboard the whole time im up there but I refuse to go to the bars there cuz they are terrible. There is literally nothing to do, even the GC sucks worse than most there. Hate to burst your bubble but its an aweful place. If you really want to ask questions PM me cuz ive probably been there 50 times in the last 5 years. I live in indianapolis, where there is plenty to do.
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    Isn't there an Orville Redenbacker museum there?
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    Well, it's somewhat close to where I live. There is nothing to do there. You could visit Louisville, KY if you wanted too. There's more stuff to do down there. If you do come down to Lousiville let me know and I can tell you some of the good food places and other things to do.;)

    +1 on the cow tipping btw.
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    I grew up in the town straight north of Valpo, in Chesterton (also birthplace of comedian Jim Gaffigan!). There really isn't a lot to do in that area, it's a very small county. There is a lot more going on in Lake County, just west of where you'll be. If you're looking for excitement in Valpo, don't bother.

    But you could visit the Indiana Dunes State Park near Lake Michigan, I always enjoyed hiking through there.


    Or if you're up for it, you could visit Chicago. It's not too far, only about an hour if you take the South Shore passenger train. Plenty to do there of course.