What to do, what to do?

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    Sep 22, 2002
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    I thought about putting this in basses, but I think it may be more approiate here.

    I have a bit of a problem making up my mind here.

    I just recently sold my combo, to put some cash towards a head/cab system. The combo just wasn't producing the sound I wanted, and I've wanted a head/cab for some time now. I bought an Avatar 4X10 with the money from the combo I sold, and am currently in the process of aquiring an amp to power my new cab.

    Here's my dilemma.

    As of right now, I'm still a good 2 or 3 weeks away from being able to afford a head (Pretty much decided on an Ampeg B2R). I only take in about $150 a week or so (though i've worked more hours last week and this coming week) so that'll help a bit. I owe 200 for a roller hockey team I'm on, and I have about 200 in the bank right now, so Thursday I'll have my fresh start and have no payments to worry about.

    Currently my bass is a Warwick Corvette. I've been thinking about selling it to get a Thumb bass (I probably should've waited to get that in the first place, but I got a pretty good deal and jumped on it. A good lesson anyway, the bass has served me well so far).

    Enough babble... the dilemma.

    1: Sell the Warwick... hopefully get around 700 or so (I figure on ebay a Vette 5 goes for around 700 average or so) I can buy an Ampeg B2R with some of the money (hopefully 300-350 for the amp) and buy an Essex bass or something to tide me over until I could afford a Thumb.

    2: Save up money for now, get a head in a month or so, then worry about changing basses later on. After getting things set up with the amps, save up some money and sell the Corvette, and get a Thumb.

    I'm kind of torn about what to do. I've wanted to get a Thumb for a while, and it would definately be my main bass. I also want to expand my basses with one of the Essex basses. I love the Warwick sound, but who can live without a classic J bass? :D

    I think i'm rambling... I'm just going to hit the post message button and forget about this thread now :p
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    I would save up for the head. Thumbs are a mixed bag. I hate the neck dive. Your happy with the one you have now. Chalk up the thumb idea as G.A.S.

    Look at the used market for head and save save SAVE!!