what to do with $800

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  1. AJRios


    Dec 9, 2012
    Hello! I want your help/opinion :) :help:

    Recently I found out that I could play Dubstep-like Wobbles live with pedals, after watching Nathan Navarro's band Pinn Panelle's skrillex cover on youtube.

    Looking up his equipment I found out I could get and use a SYB-5 + Source Audio BEF + Hot Hand 3 to do that. I alredy own one ODB-3 pedal that could help

    For a cheaper solution, a friend told me to look up multi effects pedals. I ended up finding Chris "fatty" Hargreaves's work.

    I then realised I could use a Line 6 M9 (synth + pitch/octaver + panner on mono for the wobble) + expression pedal/hot hand 3 to do the trick, and still use the Line 6 M9's other FX for other kinds of music. (although this solution aint cheaper, I know)

    On top of that, I need a interface to work with a macbook or laptop, and need to make do with $800 :D

    So bottom line: What do I get with 800$?

    RME babyface $720
    line6 M9+ EXP pedal+ HH3 + fast track C600 $776
    SYB-5+ Source Audio BEF + FT C600 $661
    other ideas?

    Sorry for long post, and Thank you so much :))