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  1. I just purchased an eden 210XLT (haven't had a chance to play it yet), and there appears to be a small wrinkle near the edge of the cone on both speakers. It doesn't go all of the way around, only about 20% of the way or so.

    Is this something I should worry about? Other than playing through the cabinet to listen for any problems, is there any way to test this for damage? Is this a normal thing, or a sign of problems to come?

    If this is an issue, is it something I need to send to Eden, or is there a better (more affordable or more reliable) speaker repair company to deal with?
  2. yes it is an issue, those creases are from over excursion, probably driven too hard from too small an amp, I had this problem with my eden 410xlt, I had to get all 4 reconed. don't remember the cost, eden was good to deal with, this was before they were sold, don't know how they are now, I think it cost about 70 a speaker for a pro recone kit.
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    OC Speaker

    Jul 18, 2008
    Hi Mark.

    It's VERY common for the cone to crease on 10" bass speakers. It happens to all 10" bass guitar speakers at some point during their life.

    We can recone them for you. When we recone a speaker we replace all the parts which makes is exactly like a brand new speaker. If you have an Eden or SWR 10" speaker, the recone price is $65 each plus shipping (about $15).

    Unfortunately, both Eden & SWR have been sold (to Fender & US Music) in the past year or two, so there are no original speakers to purchase anymore. Don't buy one of the new 10" speakers that they sell today. They are nothing like the older models. Reconing your original speaker is the best choice. By reconing your original speaker you will keep the original tone and quality.

    You can find all our repair prices on our website at:

    We repair all brands of speakers, not just SWR & Eden.

    Have a great day!

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