what will i lose?

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  1. i am thinking of selling my SWR Goliath III 4+10 and getting 2 EA VL208 cabs. what will i lose? tried a pair of the EA in a shop and was like really impressed with them as a pair but thought with just one 2+8 cab it really lacked for EB. i play double as well and thought maybe a 2+8 cab matched with my GKMB150 might give me a bit more for the louder double gigs. BUT i currently earn the dough from a function band so will the the 2 EA cabs cut the volume? still i gig for love and more often in a jazz trio so anyone out there got thoughts on the GKMB150 and an EA VL208 cab as a combination?

    ps. on EA site i can't see the 2+8 cabs anymore. why?
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    The VL-208 cabs have been discontinued for a couple years, as have all the VL series. They have been replaced by the CXL and soon to be NL model cabinets.
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    I recently got a EA CXL112 for my upright.What you will lose will be the SWR coloration (ie:upright mud) and gain a clearer, more defined tone.The CXL112 is also a great electric cab.