What Woods?.....Mr Latimour..!!

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  1. Hey...

    In the process of getting my specs ready for my New Bass...custom jobbie..!!!!...this bass has always been my inspiration.!!! i think it is supurb....!!! but I would like to know what the top woods and back wooods are..!!!!

    Is it Tazmanian Blackwood?.....supurb choice...(mine going to be bolt on so0o the neck isnt inportant..!!!)...

    I just wish I lived in Aussie.!!! iwould be having one.!!!

    here are the pics...



    I want it..¬¬¬ :bawl:
  2. Top wood looks like it might be koa.
  3. Marlat


    Sep 17, 2002
    London UK
    The top and back wood is figured / curly camphor laurel - an Australian "weed" timber.

    A little bit of info can be found here:


    The body core is Tasmanian Blackwood with thin Jarrah accent lines.
  4. Hey
    I live in Melbourne Australia, used to live in Tassie, but who made this bass, it looks great? Thats a really nice wood, what type of tone does it give?
  5. Thank you for the reply Mr Latimour..really helpful and I have found somewhere in the UK that has Camphor so0o here we come..!!!>.

    I believe the bass was designed by someone called Kennedy...small luthier in Aussie....if you want one Boofis then I am sure Mark can get u in touch..!!!

    I am guessin with those wood combos its gonna have compressed highs...and a very sweet mid and lows....kinda Roscoe esq in sound..!!!!....

    Very yummie P-Bass'y on Steroids sound.!!!>..not not affraid of a good slap.!!!