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What works best for a Rickenbacher 4001

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Dave44, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. I'm looking at buying new rig (combo) for my Rick 4001 and I'm hoping for a little feed back on what would best suit my needs. I'll drag out my old Hoffner a times to show it off but mostly use the Rick.

    Music: Jazz / Latin / a Little Rock and or Roll
    Venues: Pubs / Lounges
    Price: 1500 - 2000 Canadian

    Ta, Dave

    I know I ask this before, but didn't mention my guitar choice.
  2. My uncle who has a Ric uses a Peavey set up that sounds totally bad ass! I'm not trying to push a Peavey on you, but that would be my choice.
  3. I've tried a few...

    Peavey - OK, i've only played things like TNT115s, Mark III's and such. I'm sorry, but IMHO those that i've head suck so hard it's not funny. Dunno about the newies, i've heard the Firebass is damn good. They're cheap too! :)

    SWR (WM15, Bass350 and WM160) - too hi-fi, doesn't show the balls of a Ric. Bland.

    GallienKrueger (400RB, 800RB) - a bit clanky and trebly (even for a Ric). Great for punk and such, but doesn't have the warmth.

    Warwick (ProTube XI) - grrr! This is nice. Tube/SS head that kicks. The rig i've played through several times doesn't have the treble bite though, but dunno if this is the setup or what.

    Ampeg (SVT400T) - Solid state 400w head. SVT-like controls, and it's powerful. Similar tone to...

    Ampeg (B2R) - Solid state Ampeg tone. Hmmm, not bad but not powerful enough. Ric tone comes through nicely, but not as nice as...

    Ampeg (V4/V4B) - 100w vintage tube heads (smaller version of the SVT, same preamp) that really show off what a Ric can do. Loud gigs or practise will kill their headroom, so you end up yearning for...

    Ampeg (SVT) - 300w tube head, pretty much the above but for stadiums!

    Fender (Bassman 50, 100) - vintage tube heads, nice and fuzzy and smooth. Missing the midrange bite that you need though.

    Trace-Elliot (SMX? 400w model) - damn powerful head, but bland. I hate anything that relies on a graphic EQ for all tone shaping.

    Ashdown (ABM500) - Tube/SS hybrid head, really warm and quite powerful, but didn't move me that much (probably just gut feeling, 'cause they sound really nice).

    Eden (WT800) - so far, for me, the best thing i've played through. Tube/SS hybrid, with an EQ that kills. Fairly easy to simulate an Ampeg tube sound. Can ya hear my Ric? Can ya? Can ya?! :D

    Now, these are all heads, but most of their combo amps share similar features and sound.

    I've found the best amps are those that can deliver (and EQ) a healthy dose of mid-range snarl (where the Rickenbacker really excells). Typically I find that Rics sound much fatter and Ric-like through a warmer amp, especially all-tube.

    My choice for a combo? I'd have to say an Eden Metro (600w @ 2ohms!), or an Ashdown.

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