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What would you do if you were told you had one week to live?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by MAJOR METAL, Sep 1, 2004.


    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Staff Member Supporting Member

    How would you spend the last 7 days of your life?
  2. Waynestock
  3. Gia


    Feb 28, 2001
    cry. then party!

    no, i would probably spend as much time as i could with my family and friends, but not do anything cheesy like go see niagra falls or bungee jump.

    i would like to just go about my week doing the stuff i normally do, but take more care with it, and appreciate it more.
  4. Jam. As hard, as fast, as slow, as soft, and as much as I could.
  5. Humblerumble


    Feb 22, 2004
    My Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer a little over two years ago. He lived about six weeks. During a quiet time I asked him what he would do differently. He thought about it a few moments and said " I would try to be a better Christian, I would spend more time with my family, and I would have managed my finances better." From my viewpoint he did all three pretty well.
  6. IvanMike

    IvanMike Player Characters fear me... Supporting Member

    Nov 10, 2002
    Middletown CT, USA
    with my kids
  7. hyperlitem

    hyperlitem Guest

    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    tour the east coast
  8. Edwcdc

    Edwcdc I call shotgun!

    Jul 21, 2003
    Columbia MD USA
    I would freak out pretty hard. I would spend as much time with my son and my wife as possible. I would quit my job for sure. I'm affraid that I would be so depressed that I couldn't enjoy it.
  9. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    I would panic.
  10. LoJoe


    Sep 5, 2002
    Concord, NC USA.
    Sad to say, I'd probably do a lot of things I should be doing already but am not out of busyness and lazyness. I'd contact all the people who made a difference in my life and tell them how much they mean to me. I'd tell all the people that I love that I loved them, starting with the ones that hadn't heard it in a long time. I would apologize one last time to anyone that I had hurt. I would spend every possible minute with those that matter most to me, my wife, my kids. I'd make sure I was right with God.

    But first: There is this total jackass that works in my office. I would go down there, take him out in the parking garage and give him one good ass whuppin to remember me by :D
  11. Edwcdc

    Edwcdc I call shotgun!

    Jul 21, 2003
    Columbia MD USA

    That first part is all well and good but you just reminded me that I might want to take a few folks with me. :D
  12. vbass


    May 7, 2004
    Bay Area, CA
    I would definitely quit my job, and sad to say I would probably just spend my time partying and checking out the scenery. I'd want to have the most chilled out last week possible.
  13. fastplant


    Sep 26, 2002
    True, I couldn't even imagine how hard it would be for my family either. I'd probably not even tell them.
  14. Diowulf

    Diowulf Guest

    Aug 4, 2004
    San Rafael CA
    I'd buy a kick ass car and just cruise. I would just hit the gas pedal and go...

    But before I would go, I'd spend some time with my family and friends.
  15. fastplant


    Sep 26, 2002

    eh, last time I bought a car the whole process took about a week, I'd hate to spend my last week just buying the car, hehe
  16. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
    your dying anyway, why buy it? Just take it for a really long "test drive".
  17. fastplant


    Sep 26, 2002

    Haha, true, I'd probably live a life of crime for my last week, why not?
  18. rsgars


    Aug 6, 2003
    NY State
    with the people I love. . . .whether they like it or not.
  19. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    And remind my wife how much I love her.

    I would also try to cram in at least one more rehearsal or show.
  20. I'd spend the time with family and friends. When you boil everything down, there isn't much more that matters than those you love.

    I'd also take one night to get completely smacked out on heroin.