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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BCB50, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. BCB50


    Dec 25, 2013
    Higden, Arkansas
    I picked up a '75 Jazz the end of November. One of those GASsing for lost gear get back to playing things.

    I bought an Orange BXT 50 just to have something to play through. It was what I could do at the time with Christmas coming. I haven't been satisfied with the tone or volume since I bought it.

    In the last few days I picked up a couple of Peavey TNT 100s. No big power houses, but a lot more volume and way better tone. One is showing it's age, needs a good cleaning, has some pot noise that can probably be taken care of with some deoxit. It needs a good cleaning and a little paint on the metal. I also need to put a new 3 prong plug on it. Missing the ground spade causing a little hum.

    The other is in great shape and could use a little cleaning. Nothing serious though.

    I was going to put the Orange on CL and take a couple of hours and do the stuff the one Peavey needs and throw it on CL too. Kind of figuring recoup a little of the cash invested. The Orange was 269 and I have right at 250 in both Peaveys together.

    My wife said I should keep the Orange just for a small amp to take along if I need it, and I should go ahead and Fix up the one Peavey. She said hang on to it for a backup or use it for parts if I need them on the good Peavey.

    We are currently living in an apartment a little over 900 sq ft. I'm thinking free up some space in my room which is kind of catching all the stuff we don't have somewhere else to put short of putting it out in the building with my Harleys.

    Just curious as to what you would do.
  2. First, listen to your wife. That's good advice for now. Second, what's going on musically in your part of Arkansas? Lots of work or nothing going on? Third, you have more than one Harley? Unless they are not in good shape, selling one would probably get you all the gear you'd ever want or need. I could go on the road with a $1K bass, a $1K head, and two cabs costing $1K. Bet any of your bikes would bring that much. Fourth, practice, practice, practice. Find out what's being played in your area. Learn those songs if you don't know them. Best of luck. Oh yes, read TB posts at least once a week. So much has changed in pretty much everything (bass - amp - speakers) that you really need to know what your options are.
  3. if you plan on gigging again in the near future neither the TNT or the orange is going to do you much good volume and power wise...

    I would ditch the Orange (since your not happy with it) and one of the TNT's

    and use the dough to invest in a higher wattage head and a small cab

    like a Hartke HA3500 and a 2x10

    or a used Portaflex and 2x10

    or a used Carvin BX500 and a 2x10

    but now is a great time to be a bass player....So many choices available to us now

    good luck and happy hunting
  4. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
    New Jersey
    I would sell it all and get a micro. But them I'm old and schlepping heavy amps isn't any fun.
  5. BCB50


    Dec 25, 2013
    Higden, Arkansas
    The Harleys are in excellent shape, worth over 35k. Right now selling them is not an option. I have RoadKing for long runs and 2up with the wife, and a Wide Glide for bar hopping and solo rides under 100 miles oneway. I'm also a secretary in an MC so the bikes are a big part of life. I'm also a foreman in the oilfield and on call 24/7 depending on what we have going on and where my crews are working. The bass was just replacing some gear I lost several years ago thanks to an ex. I play with family when when I feel like making the 8 hr drive to see them. I do practice but playing is something I do because I like to play. I make the beans and bacon in the oilfield. I've seen the changes. Some I like and some I don't, but I keep an open eye.

    If I wasn't trying to pay off a large junk of dept and setting me and the wife up to get another place to live in a years time I wouldn't have bought any of these amps. Probably would have bought a Mark Bass and picked up a G&L JB-2 to go along with it. I know these amps won't carry a large place and will get buried in a loud jam, but for home use they will work. Newer high end stuff will come after 2014 is over and I'm living in somewhere else.

    50 for a couple of more months yet here. Not to worried about weight. I figure that is why someone invented casters.
  6. drummer5359

    drummer5359 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2011
    Pittsburgh PA USA
    In three years buying and selling used I moved from a Peavey TNT 160 to an Ampeg SVT 3 PRO through an Ampeg SVT 212 AV. I took my time and chose my deals very carefully, mostly on CL. Each time that I've sold something I've been able to get as much money back as I had into it. (This is the big advantage of buying and selling used.)

    Take your time and enjoy. The buying, selling and learning what you like is part of the fun.
  7. Well, I'd get a micro - but, I recommend focusing on the home and just using whatever you've got for now (the TNT's kicks good) and later - get a micro. ;)
  8. BCB50


    Dec 25, 2013
    Higden, Arkansas
    The better of the 2 TNTs really surprised me. I was able to get the low end out of it and tone my ears like. I scrubbed it down with a utility brush and Windex and it is looking pretty good. I threw some casters on it so I can move it around the living room pretty easy. I can keep it around for a long time as a 68lb practice amp.

    The Orange went on the CL today. I put it on there for sale or trade. If it sells I'll throw that at a bill. If I trade it will be for something I want. Other than that it can sit in the spare room.

    Not sure about the second TNT. I will have to see what the recovery process is when I tear into it. May clean it up real good and do a little painting on it. Then throw it on CL at a stupid price and see where it goes.
  9. BCB50


    Dec 25, 2013
    Higden, Arkansas
    My '75 has D'Addario Chrome light flats on it. Those seem to be the key string for that bass. The better of the TNTs with the Low at 3/4, the Highs at 1/4, the shift backed off 1/4 turn, and the Paramid off just booms and sustains forever. Blew my mind. So I decided to unload the Orange, hang onto the good TNT and I will see on the other TNT after it is cleaned up, touched up, and it's little issues fixed. Who know if that one turns out to sound as good as the other one I might buy an A/B switch and say good for awhile.