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  1. i got this text message from the singer/guitarist of a new band i might be a part of depending on how i find the whole band together. i have jammed with the said singer/guitarist and his drummer but not the whole band yet which consists of two more guitar players

    the message read:
    "rok (yes he spelled it rok) band dilli (name of the band) will be practicing soul man by sam and dave, andaz by junoon and cause my songs don't make her cry (supposedly a song he wrote). at xyz studios 5-7pm Thursday this week"

    now this chap had told me that this is a new band but he has known the rest of the members for more than a year. the core band would be him, me and the drummer and the other members would be checked out and decided upon as time passes by.

    now he/they didnt discuss the time or the day for the jam with me. neither i had an idea about these songs he has mentioned actually i have never heard them before!:eek: anyway three days are plenty to learn up the song but if i am a member of the band then wouldnt the songs to be covered and time of jam would be discussed with me so that am comfortable with it?

    i heard the frontman's recordings from his previous projects and i liked them. he has been singing and playing guitar for almost 5 years now but he was messing his chords on a 12bar jam when finishing his solos. although am considering this band but i dont think i am really kicked up about them but at the same time they do have a good plan ahead. i got this text today and it really made me wonder whats up. i need your advice on how to go about it?:confused:

    i want to make it clear to the band that am yet not committing to the band and i want to ask the front man to fix his 12bar playing and that they should discuss stuff with me before scheduling, all in a polite manner. i do not want to be rude or anything, just need to put my points across. i am not a hired gun but a band member. if you were me how would you do this?

    anything else you would like to say? am sorry for the long post
    looking forward to get some replies......
  2. by studio he meant by a practice place which bands hire, they provide you with mics and either pa or big enough combo amps or sometime both.
    so this means i dont really need to take any rig. i can just take my bass and plug into their stuff, this escape from a lot of trouble since i dont have a car
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    Sounds like you're a hired hand. Just do what I say and get it done. Don't ask questions. Just be there ready to go.

    "the core band would be him, me and the drummer and the other members would be checked out and decided upon as time passes by."

    Did he ask you to join the group other than by sending an email and letting you know when rehearsal was to be held?

    If he can't play a proper blues progression after five years.....

    Similar situations have been posted on TB before....one guy controls everything so he can't be fired....maybe he has talent...maybe not.

    Obviously he wants you to take responsibility to learn the songs on your own.

    If you can handle letting him run everything and overlook his screw ups (he doesn't take suggestions very kindly) and you want some experience, get everything in writing and go from there.

    IIWM, I would say "Thanks, but no thanks".
  4. as i said i jammed with the guitarist and the drummer last week. after the jam he told me he likes my playing (and the drummer said am the best bass player he has yet played with) :p :) anyway coming back to the point he did ask me to be a part of the core group and everything personally. he is a fine guy but he was by more than an hour late on the first jam
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    i may have misunderstood you, but it sounds like you already have some quirks about this guy. imo, it's always a bad idea to get into a band with plans of fixing it, it's ok to help them improve, but trying to fix their faults may not be a good idea. the other problem i foresee is the fact that usually you don't pick up on these quirks 'til you've been part of the band for a couple months. if you are already picking up on these things then it may get a whole lot worse in a couple of months. if this is what you really want to do, go for it and all the best to you, but if you have reservations (which it kind of sounds like you do) this may be a great time to bail.
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  7. In my past experience, quirks don't get better, they tend to grow. He's the band's leader and he was an hour late? Was it with good reason or just because?

    I'd be thinking about passing on this one as well.
  8. I agree with a lot of what's already said. Who knows, it may work out, it might take time to work your way into their clique or maybe it's all not as bad as you think. But who knows.
  9. it went like this: i reached the drummers place and called up the leader and asked him wheres he? he said he is just going to move from his place :confused: then he reached after a little more than an hour and said he had some house hold work to take care of.

    anyway one more thing i found a little funny was he wanted me to slap on almost everysong! i mean i told him i would play slap style but i dont want to over do it. he said he has got a sound in his mind and he wants me to slap all over his music and the covers too. okay i would do it anyway i enjoy slapping:smug: but "every song":eek:?
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    the dude called practice and then bailed on you? lol. i'd never talk to that guy again. what a nob.
  11. add:
    during the last jam when i pointed out that he was messing up his chords after ending his solo's he said he is aware of that issue "yeah man i know i keep f***ing that i would work on it"
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    If you don't mind a little drama to start with, join up with them for a while. Who knows, maybe a band "discussion" after a practice will clear the air regarding any issues you may be having.

    The 12 bar issue can be discussed between song takes at practice.
  13. i think it would be worth going for another practice with this band and then deciding over things
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    Nob is a polite term for it...
  15. perhaps it is. i would find out soon :p
  16. Too many red flags here.

    Short notice, text message practice instructions.

    Bails on the practice w/ no communication.

    Wants you to slap on everything.

    Can't hold a 12-bar progession.

    Unless you are really hurting to play with a band, I would look elsewhere.
  17. today the singer/guitarist called again i discussed the issues with him he was understand on most else than the 12bar. he said he doesnt really care which chord he comes back to :confused: he says he is just freely improvising and he plays what he feels like. so i told him thats noodeling you do dont do that when you are playing with other musicians (do i really make sense?)

    however he continued to argue on this he says he wants to produce dissonance in the music by going on to any random chord he feels like no matter where in the structure i am:rollno: with the drummer or anyone. those are some nobel ideas because he doesnt know what to say when i ask him what would he do when he wants to finish with his "dissonance" and come back to the 12bar with the rest of us:eek:?

    i think i better chuck this band from my list. his ideas might sound cool to some but am not in