What would you like to see in a bass and amp stand?

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  1. Hey there everyone. I'm doing a bit of research for my A-level design project in which i'm designing and making an all-in-one bass and amp stand. I know Fender make such a product. I thought I'd post a thread about it here to get a few views on the subject. So, what would you like included in a bass and amp stand. I'm already designing it so that more than one bass can be held on it, but can any of you think of any little extras you would like to see if such a product was to be put on the market. This would be of great help to me, and I'll keep you up to date with progress in the designing and manufacturing of the stand. Thanks in advance.:p
  2. It would only be used for smaller amps, I would think, so, it would be nice to incorporate;

    - Variable angle tilt back design for projection/"throw". Vox used a variable design where big knobs could be loosened/tightened on either side of the cab but I would rather see something more solid than hand-tightened knobs. Maybe some kind of curved metal brackets with notches at various degrees on angle.

    - No shiny chrome

    - Shock mounting/vibration dampening for wherever the head will be

    -Cushioned spaces for 2 or more other basses

    - A towel bar for a wipe down/sweat cloth

    - Drink/cup/can holder that won't let all the liquid shake out

    - Removeable casters

    - BCTT....."Babe in Crowd Tracking Technology"
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    As rickbass points out, this will only be practical for small amps and so won't be any good for the Rockers,Punks, MetalHeads etc.

    I can see a gap in the Market however, for Jazz Double Bass players!! They often use small amps like the Gallien Krueger 150 watt combo and usually end up putting it on beer crates so they can hear it and end up losing bottom end.

    Also they often have nowhere to rest the DB when making announcements about song titles etc. And also a lot of them use stools to rest their aching backs - they're usually getting on a bit...;)

    So how about a combined Double Bass Stand/Tilt-back Amp Holder/Stool - all in one handy portable unit? :D

    It would have to black and unobtrusive - no stickers!! ;) - but I'm sure if you toured the Jazz clubs of Britain, you would sell loads of them!!!

    (Ed Fugua, Chris Fitzgerald, Don Higdon and the rest of the DB crew might also be interested!! Sell them via TB :D )
  4. Hey Bruce, do you really think they would sell well in the way you described? I'm not looking at it in a greedy "i'm gonna make loadsa money" kind of way, but if there is a genuine need out there, you think it would be well recieved. Size of the stand is limited, so I couldn't incorporate the stool, but I could definitely provide a space for a double bass and the amp. You mentioned a 150 watt amp, this is exactly what i'm making it for, small to medium practice amps, etc. The stand would be made of wood, curves, etc, so it'll be quite presentable, not just a pile of metal tubing that you could make by cutting up the average bicycle! lol:D
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    Try suggesting this over in the Double Bass part of the forums - as I say, a lot of the people on this side use huge rigs with stacks of large gear; but generally DB players use smaller amps for which this would be ideal.

    Try posting in "Miscellaneous (DB)" ....they are friendly, if occasionally very sarcastic ;) , but lots of very experienced players who should be good "Guinea Pigs for this idea.
  6. Bruce is dead on about the nice people on that side of the board.

    Be sure to mention that Fieldy influences all your music and work.
  7. Haha, what would they say if I told them that Fieldy is one of my influcences. He isn't one of my influences, but I could mention it for a laugh.
    :D Your ideas for the cup holder, tilting amp part, and towel holder are good ideas, definitely gonna include those. I'm gonna try and put up pictures of the stages of the making of the stand, so you can all see how its coming along. If anyone else reading this has more ideas for my stand, please post a message. Cheers!:p
  8. Just consider it a rite of initiation. After that, you'll know the secret handshake.

    Oh, if you market your stand in the US, think about putting a nice little Union Jack on it somewhere. We yanks eat that stuff up......the British vibe.
  9. I don't think i'd get up to marketing the stand in the US, nice idea though. Maybe if the stand turns out well, its something to look into, but at the moment, its no more than an A-level project. I'm puttin loadsa work into it, 3D computer designing, etc, loadsa research. Thats why i'm asking in here, see what bassists would want from it.