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What would you use?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Samophlange, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. There are too many heads to choose from and I have no idea which direction to go.

    I have a 2x15 Mesa Cabinet, rated at 800watts, either 4ohms mono or 8 ohms bi-amped/stereo.

    For years I used a Trace Elliot 250 watt/GP7 head, and it has been a great amp, but it has its obvious limitations.
    I'm curious about the Orange and Ampeg PF heads, but not sure if I should stick with the ol' Trace Elliots.
    Plus there is the whole issue of tube vs. solid state...

    Most likely, the cabinet and amp will be used for practice, since I don't really need to bring the beast to small venues. On the rare occasion I may need to crank it up, but with the current group, that's not critical. But, it would be nice to power match the cabinet a bit better than only putting 100 potential watts per channel into it, vs. its 400 max rating.

    Any suggestions?!? I did see a used TE 1000 watt GP7 over in the classifieds....
  2. If you don't need to punish the cab with more wattage, why look to do it. OCD with numbers? Play music, numbers don't make music ;).
  3. Well, I do need to get a new amp, since all of my others are in use.
    While its true that I don't want to blow out the speakers, I'm thinking the extra power could be nice to allow for clarity at the extra volume.
  4. Well if you like TE's voicing I would guess you like the deep throaty sound? If that is true expect that cab to handle between 400 and 600 watts (at most 600 RMS). That is not to say you can't use a higher power amp if you don't crank the volume/ hit it with a strong signal or hot pedals.
  5. So, maybe an Ampeg PF-500 or the 500watt Orange Terror would cover it.
    Finding a TE GP7 with that wattage, pre-gibson sound may be a bit more of a search I imagine.
  6. You really need to try the Terror before adding it to the list of possibles. PF-800, G-K MB500 or MB800 (although the MB800 puts out a lot of power and great care would be needed), Carvin, Hartke and Genz-Benz would be worth looking at also IMO.
  7. Add more speakers.