What you are supposed to do Vs. What is best to do

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    Hey, we have our rights darnit. When you are backing your truck out of a parking space it's okay for me to walk with my stroller into your blind spot because you are supposed to watch where you are going. Right!
    So I thought I would start a thread on what you are supposed to do vs what it is best to do. Here is my first one:

    You are supposed to drive 55 mph on the freeway.

    It is best to drive 70 mph in the fast lane when that is how fast the traffic is moving.
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    I try not to make any assumptions that strangers are as responsible as I like to think I am. In your parking lot scenario, I would not assume someone else is watching out for me.

    As for vehicle speed, I stick within five miles of the posted speed limit. Pass me if you need to, I'll move over to the right.

  3. slobake

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    You are supposed to put flats on a Precision bass
    You put rounds on your Precision because you like that better.