Whats a DI for ?

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  1. So can some one explain the practical applications of DI for me ? Not just the technical mumbo-jumbo about what it is.

    When recording is it better to go Amp>DI>Mixer>Computer than it is to go Amp>Mixer>Computer ?

    Is a Direct Box the same thing as a DI ?

    And Finally does anyone know how the MXR M-80 Bass Direct Box with Distortion preforms ?
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    While you can record from your line out into the mixer, a DI is usually better, it also enables you to run a balanced signal (2 signal cables run with opposite phase, so that noise that bleeds into the cable is canceled out), and it also enables you to do a groundlift to avoid 60 cycle hum.


    I don't.
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    I personally like it. A lot of bassists don't. It sounds different on different gear I would take your bass to the store and try one out and hear it for yourself.