what's a preamp???

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  1. i heard people talking about a preamp and i don't know what they are refering to, someone help me...
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    A preamp is an active circuit in your bass for boosting the output to a higher level and/or adding active tone controls(EQ) like bas, mid and treble to your bass. It requires at least 1 9 volt battery, although 18 and 27 volt circuits have more headroom. Demeter, Aguilar, Sadowsky, EMG, Bartolini and Seymour Duncan make popular aftermarket preamps.

    It can also be an outboard device like a Sadowsky preamp, or even a rackmount like an Aguilar DB680 or SWR Interstellar Overdrive or something like that.

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  3. are they the boxes for the volume and all that for cabs?
  4. Ok i just learned about all this stuff myself so feel free to correct me if I am wrong. A Preamp is a device that alters the sound to what you want it to sound like. However, it does not produce a large enough signal to power a speaker, that is what you use a poweramp for. A poweramp boosts the signal to drive the cab with. In most amps, you have a preamp and poweramp combined. All of the controls that alter the sound and the pregain are part of the preamp. The Master volume is usually what controls the Poweramps output level. A preamp acts almost like an effects box, but at the most basic level.
    A preamp will normally have volume, eq, and usually some effects built into it. They are just so you can alter your sound to what you want it to sound like.
  5. By the way Embellisher, I have to disagree with your idea of where to move this. It should be in Amps, or back in Miscallaneous