What's "flat" on Ampeg SVP-Pro?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Jsonnenblick, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. As with the Alembic F1-X thread starter below, I find that my Ampeg SVP-Pro preamp is not nearly flat with all the controls halfway up. However, the Ampeg, to my ears, has the opposite of the Alembic's issue -- the Ampeg is TOO middy, and not transparent ENOUGH. I recently switched from SWR to the Ampeg, and am having a lot of trouble getting the clarity to which I'm accustomed for playing fretted basses.

    OTOH, the midrangey-ness makes my fretless G&L L-2000 go "WHaaaaaaaaahhhh" like no other amp I've ever tried. . . .

    BTW, I play thru a Bag End S15D cab, if that's a factor. . . . any advice on getting the SWR-like tone out of the Ampeg when I want it?
  2. I have an Ampeg SVP-BSP and it also has a bit of a midrange bump.

    Have you tried the SVP-PRO playing with a group of people? You might find that midrange boost helps you get heard against g*itarists with smiley-faced EQ.

    IME what sounds good playing alone doesn't sound so great when you're complementing (or competing with) a few other instruments.

  3. . . . I haven't played out with the preamp yet (my incredibly lightweight Clarus/Flite rig sees more use because I'm lazy!).

    Maybe I would be happier with the Ampeg in a thick mix.