What's involved in replacing a top nut?

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  1. Hey:

    I believe I need to replace the nut on my Modulus Quantum 6 built in 1994. I am experiencing some open-string buzzing and occasional buzzing forward of fretted notes (in front of the fretting hand). What is involved in replacing a nut and is it a job that's best left to experienced guitar techs? Thanks.
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    check your strings. if they arent wound far enough down on the peg, then they can create open string buzzing. i did this a few times and ended up taking it somewhere to dish out $50+ to get it fixed and the dude handed it back and said "buy a new string." i felt dumb. im not sure how much is involved in replacing one. i think its just glue. dont trust me tho. i have no clue.
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  4. Read this first.....

    ;) Treena
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    Quick check, Bryan. Hold each string down in turn between the second and third frets. As you press the string down, tap down on it above the first fret. If it rings, you have clearance and the nut height is probably ok. If there's a thud, your nut slot is too low. Hope this helps.
  6. The nut will only effect the open strings, if it is buzzing after that it's plausible that you have too much bow in the neck. The forward arch of a back bowed neck will cause alot of buzzing, especially before the 7 or so frets.

    Check the arch of the neck before you go off nut hunting.

    If the nut is the problem, try to find a replacement nut than you can find lots of instructions on nut removal and replacment here.

    Good luck
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