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Discussion in 'Jazz Technique [DB]' started by jazz+bass, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Karl


    Sep 9, 2005
    Berlin, Germany
    Okay, here's my feedback:

    your sound is good, as far as I can tell with this recording quality.

    Your technique _could_ be good, if you were able to see your limits - you try a lot of things in the solo that obviously don't work out, the solot would be much rounder and better without those moments. The phrasing shows some very good tendencies, though again there are moments when you are sloppy about the phrasing, and you could have easily avoided them by simply concentrating on good phrasing all the time.

    To sum it up: everything seems to be going in the right direction, but somehow many things aren't quite there. Think of it as a sculpture, and you can already completely see the shape of how its going to look like, but none of the details are there and its quite obvious that the sculpture is not complete.

    Now the bad news: the details is the hardest part, they require a LOT of dedication, perfectionism and work.

    What I'd work on now if I were you: check out Charlie Haden, transcribe and play some of his solos along records, to understand what I mean by seeing your limits and avoiding them and still play a great solo.

    And: don't accept sloppiness with anything, whenever you play. Think of bassplaying as if it was like the work of a surgeon - mistakes due to sloppiness are just not acceptable if you want to sound professional.

    Please don't get me wrong after all, the overall picture I got of that take was actually quite good, I just hate people who avoid critique in order not to hut anybodies feelings ...

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