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Whats the best bass for a primate

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by tgriley62, May 21, 2020 at 8:32 PM.

  1. tgriley62


    Jan 25, 2011
    S.E. Mo
  2. ElectroVibe


    Mar 2, 2013
    Maybe check with the Nairobi Trio.
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  3. Datsgor

    Datsgor Supporting Member

    Jul 29, 2000
    whatever bass this is......looks P Bass-ish.

  4. saltydude


    Aug 15, 2011
    boston CANADA
    Actual picture of me. I’m a beast.

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  5. Lagado


    Jan 6, 2020
    Stop the madness
  6. murphy


    May 5, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    The BONGO of course

  7. Lagado


    Jan 6, 2020
    Stop the madness
  8. Winslow


    Sep 25, 2011
    Group "W" Bench
  9. bassdude51

    bassdude51 "You never even called me by my name." Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    Central Ohio
    A banana uke bass.

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  10. Lagado


    Jan 6, 2020
    Stop the madness
    Warwick Opposable Thumb bass.
  11. ThinCrappyTone

    ThinCrappyTone Mostly harmless Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2011
    Massachusetts, USA
  12. Bajo Clarkko

    Bajo Clarkko

    Aug 9, 2015
    Years ago, I was talking to a friend of mine at Guitar Center about the kids that would come in after school, play stuff and never buy anything. We called them “Wanken-steins”.

    I suggested that they make the amps coin operated, with people who actually bought anything getting a rebate. He thought that was funny, and brought that up at a sales meeting.

    He almost got fired fired. So, I assume that meant, “No”.

    If they actually bought anything, no one would care whether or not they were primates. They’d be called, “paying customers”. ;)
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  13. Doner Designs

    Doner Designs Steve Doner Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2012
    Metro Chicago Area
    Doner Designs is an alias for Steve Doner
    P bass with flats and a tort pickguard is always the safe answer. Ampeg SVT of course.
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  14. Lagado


    Jan 6, 2020
    Stop the madness
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  15. Primate? As in Archbishop of Canterbury? Didn't know he played bass.
    Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.35.58 AM.png
  16. Nice hat. But that is one evil looking stick for beating sinners.
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  17. oranje

    oranje Living deliciously Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    San Diego
    Not sure about a primate bass but did you know that penguins like ice cream?

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  18. Polk Salad

    Polk Salad Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2007
    He's obviously a John Entwistle fan, he's playing a Warwick Buzzard:

  19. gln1955

    gln1955 Supporting Member

    Aug 25, 2014
    Ohio, USA
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  20. LostJohnny


    Mar 11, 2020
    Hm, now how easy would it be to 'shop in a bass neck and headstock there...
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