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  1. I need to crack down on a pedal heavy setup, I use a whole bunch of different effects to get synth. Any Ideas?
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    Jul 22, 2001
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    OK... forgive me if this sounds sheepish, but what exactly is a bass synth? I mean i kinda know what one sounds like.... but how does it work... like a flanger/chorus will play 2 signals slightly out of phase... distortion changes the waveform itself etc... what exactly is happening with bass synth?
  3. Bass, Synth/Synthesized/Synthetic means to be inorganic. The whole point is to make you sound almost completely different from the original bass' sound; it can range from fuzz, sub harmonics to multiple filters. It's your preference there can really be no wrong way.
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    Aug 15, 2000
    In your basement.
    try www.ehx.com

    I have one of their synths and it is pretty cool

    I have cracked some of the sliders but it still works perfect.

    they also have sound samples on the site.
  5. cammojoe

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    Jul 27, 2001
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    Ive played around with the Boss bass synth and the Electro Harmonix bass synth and they are both extreemly awesome. They both will short you a good $200.
  6. Lotsa cool options to consider...EBS octaver +Mutron III+ perhaps? Great synth tones there....distortion or fuzz played lightly will give you decent, fat square wave tones. My favorite "synth" fuzz of the moment is the chunk systems bass fuzz. http://www.chunk.com.au/fz002.htm totally wicked and credible...check it out. Crowther Audio's Prunes +Custard is another great option..I'm in love with mine (sick but true!) Digitally the Korg G5 is the best by far...forget that silly Boss thing. The Korg will get you 9 presets and a foot sweep-able envelope. Folks say good things about the Akai box but I wouldn't know. A decent fuzz, octave and EV filter will do you just fine, really.
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    Jun 9, 2001
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    line 6 fm 4....mutrons/filters/vowel things/zvex seekwah, oberheim sample and hold, and 4 different synths..all in one pedal..I don't like digital, but I like this. has an octaver that will blow apart your amp..don't ask.
  8. That sounds attractive.....
  9. Mark Gollihur

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    Jul 19, 2000
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    Best bass synth? Real synth bass.

    I've got an Axon hex pickup on my six string that transmits signal to a Yamaha G50, then produces sounds via MIDI on an Alesis NanoBass synth module. Can't beat using a real synth... though it will set you back a considerable amount of dough to make it happen.
  10. This looks like the be all, end all to me......
  11. Hey Mark.....you use a PV spectrum analog filter, correct? Any settings on that you'd like to give up? I just picked one up and while being totally impressed and all I do end up being a little stumped on occasion. I want to use it in unison with my DBX subharmonic synth....a lovely fat analog setup, no? My PV seems to have a bunch of presets, the manual makes no mention of these? Any way of knowing what they intended with these paticular settings?
    Check out Marks wacky rig....
  12. Mark Gollihur

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    Jul 19, 2000
    Mullica Hill, NJ
    Owner/President, Gollihur Music LLC
    I must admit that I haven't done a lot of custom programs on the filter. I mostly just went through their factory settings and wrote down the ones I thought were cool, and based some patch presets around those. I did at one point program a super cool "Bootsy" filter, and I accidentally deleted it. I've been meaning to try to recreate it, but right now our music isn't calling for it and I've not been inspired to create new patches. Right now I use a real cool slow sweep and a fast, more subtle one pretty regularly.

    That subharmonic synth is fun too, no? Couple those puppies together and you can seriously shake walls.
  13. bassheavy

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    it's a hard beast to wrangle, but the time you put into it pays awesome dividends.
  14. Now why the heck wouldn't they tell us what the presets were? They are definitely THERE because I reinitialised the thing when I got it...which ones do you go for? I use mainly a "down" setting on my stompbox filters...the attack knob on the PV seems to cop this somewhat? I admit that I haven't really spent the time needed to figure out this box. I'm kinda fixated on my pedals at the moment. Here is my latest box du jour... http://www.chunk.com.au/a00f.htm ,great stuff.
    you must get some amazing sounds with the DBX and Peavey....anything you want to share?
  15. Whao!!! I thought that thing only came in pedal form you see I tried it out in a music store and fell in love with it. Its perfect in a rack moduale for me thanks, Hey it also looks like I'll have to start an effects rack now that sort of sucks.
  16. Slippery slope pal....watch out!
  17. oddentity


    Nov 20, 2000
    I just got the Akai last week, and I've used it quite a bit with my band (in practice and at a gig).

    It tracks really well, and the 9 presets are really cool. There's a great Tom Sawyer-ish sound and a wicked octave/filter that shakes the floorboards. It sounds great.

    Imho you can't beat it for the price. My only complaint is that out of the box, several of the presets sound really similar to each other... but that's ok-- it just provides an opportunity to tweak 'em! :)
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    Jan 25, 2001
    Stuck on a rock !
    I'd go with Oddentity - I've had the Deep Impact for 4 months and it still goes to every gig with me. With a little tweaking it will give a killer octaver which tracks down to bottom E - I'll try it with my shiny new 5 string tomorrow and tell you if it goes any lower :D
  19. Shure that's nice, but who uses a normally tuned four string anymore and I use some low tunnings I tune my six down a whole step and I tune my 35" scale five string through body to drop G. Do you think it will track down to an open low Fb or low G? Other then that everyone says they likes thier Akia Deep Inpact Synth, right now its almost in dead lock with the Line 6 FM4.

    All I use now is a Ibanez FZ-7 Fuzz or a drivin preamp into, Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus into, MXR Bass Octave into or in the effects loop of a used Q-tron+, into a Boss AW-3 Dynamic.


    A used EH Bass Micro Synth into, used Bass Balls into, Boss CS-3 and LEB-3 into or in the effects loop the used Q-tron+.

    All around thats 9 effects :( .
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    Jun 9, 2001
    Endorsing Artist: Rick Turner Guitars, DTAR, Seymour Duncan,
    I'll be the sore thumb..
    I had an akai deep impact for 5 days..first off, it was a defective unit, in that it wouldn't store the patches I came up with..but I couldn't come up with any patches I liked anyway..i have programmed patches in commercial products for a major company..I know my way around things like this..but it came down to simply a matter of not liking the sounds on this thing..the filters especially.

    It reminded me of the Roland syb3..another pedal i had and didn't like.

    Maybe the style of music has a lot to do with this discussion..ok not maybe..i play dub and freefunk..and certain prog rock or 70's rock etc etc sounds actually irritate me..however, I think that in the big picture..the fm 4 is the ideal pedal..at least for now, at least if you want a pedal, not a midi rack with a bass guitar controller. i don't like the non immediate digital response of it ..but compared to the rest of the ones I have tried, it's livable.

    and umm, Mr Bigfoots? what amp/speaker reproduces the fundamental of that low Fb? I want one.