what's the difference between a premap and a DI box?

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  1. black_JB62


    Aug 10, 2003
    Sorry for the rookie question...

    I am starting out recording on an 8-track HD recorder, and am having trouble getting a good bass sound. Wait, this is really an effector question...

    I bought a preamp box called the Trilogic bass preamp a few years ago when I started out, and had never used it in recording. I tried to do some research on it (there's also a short thread in this forum, too), but I found out this thing was quite a rarity... hardly anybody has ever heard of it! Sounds OK when I'm practicing through an amp, but sounds terrible DI'd to the 8-track. So bad, that I'm starting to doubt that this box is made for this kind of thing. Or should I be recording with a mike line as well? Whoops, sorry, that was a small recording question on the side...

    Have I got my definitions mixed up? I thought that preamp = DI box.:confused: I would appreciate a cold slap on the face.:eek:

  2. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
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    Pre amp: Shapes signal, boosts to proper level needed by the power section.

    DI: prepares signal to deliver with minimum noise & coloring possible.

    A lot of "DI" on the market today are effects/modeling units made to mimic a mic'ed cabinet... as well as some amplifiers have built in 'conditioned' DI

    :meh: I think

    [edit]Untill I get my Avalon U5 & Radial JDI I've just been plugging right into the soundcard[/edit]