whats the difference. sound wise...

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  1. between putting your speakers side by side ( given that you might have two or more ) or stacking them?

    i saw a thread recently that seemed to imply you'd get more thump or something out of putting them side by side and more projection/clarity if stacked..I cant say i've noticed any difference when I've seen bands play but thats not to say i wont be listening and looking in the future.

    I have to say though, that I saw a three piece blues band about 5 years ago where the bass player had two 15s on the floor side by side and his sound kicked arse big time.. but I thought, at the time, it was due to the amp...perhaps i was wrong.

    I've seen the same bass player recently (g'day Bob)using a musicman with flats going thru an Alembic preamp...warmth to dry your undies by.... but I digress....

    could anyone comment on my question please?
    can anyone comment?