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What's the norm house party PA?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Da LadY In Red, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Hey, my band's planning on doing some house parties in the future and I'm wondering what the norm for PA size is these events?

    I'm the bassist and somewhat of a volume nazi, though not too hardcore.

    We're planning on running just vocals (lead and 1 background) through the PA.

    Here's what we have right now, a Behringer UB802 mixer (barely adequate) and a Carvin PM15A (powered 15 inch molded speaker).

    Here's links http://www.carvin.com/products/single.php?ItemNumber=PM15A&CID=APS

    What more do you think I'd need for a house party?

    I'm thinking that I'd buy either a QSC RMX 850 or Carvin DCM1000 poweramp, 2 Kustom 12 inch speakers for about $80 a pop, and 2 speaker stands.

    That way I could use the monitor stands of the Carvin PM15A to make it a floor monitor for the lead singer, then have the 12 inch Kustom speakers be on stands out towards the audience.

    Do you think this would be more than adequate for the house party situation?

    Also, could you tell me how I'd wire this setup?

    I'm thinking that I'd put the Carvin PM15A monitor through the post fader aux send/effects send, and the Kustom 12 inchers through main L and R outs. That means that the Carvin would be powering itself, and the Kustom speakers would be making the poweramp run 8 ohms per channel, right? Then if I daisy chained both speakers to a single channel, they'd be doing 4 ohms on one channel/bridged if I opted to, right?

    What's your house party setup? I'd like as best of an idea of what most small bands use for these occasions. Thanks.
  2. I really think that if you got one of the Mackie PA speakers, and a small mixing board, you'd be fine.
  3. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    We did a house party just last weekend. All we bothered pulling out of the truck was the 10"+horn Yorkville powered speakers. We put them on speaker stands and ran vocals only. Great party - the band went down very well. I truley believe if we played any louder, people wouldn't have felt like they had their heads inside a microwave and wouldn't have enjoyed themselves so much.

    Another thing to consider at house parties if power/current load on the house power points. They're not designed for huge loads, so a large PA + lights will likely blow fuses.
  4. Rumzini


    Feb 14, 2004
    Jackson, MI
    Oh yeah ain't that the truth! Our 1st gig a year ago was in my parents back yard. Stage, lights, 4 or 5 power amps, guitar head, ...3 songs into it...POP. Took us 45 minutes to re run extension cords and unplug non essentials!
  5. Why not try hiring some gear to start with, then you can experiment before you buy.
  6. You'd be hard pressed to find many people who don't think that Peavey makes stone reliable stuff. Since resale value for their gear is fairly low, I think a pair of used SP-5s or SP-2s would be cheap and tons better than the Kustoms. Our band runs vocals only through a pair of SP-5s that cost us $250, and the whole setup works like a champ.

    Edit: I see you're in St. Louis. I'm in the Springfield area (not too far away) and know of several stores here that carry used Peavey gear. Morgan Music in Lebanon comes to mind.
  7. I've been doing some comparisons and I currently think that new, Kustom is going to be the best option.

    I looked at Peavey's site and found nothing that looks in the budget, same with Yamaha and even Carvin.

    It's not that we can't afford more because we can. We just see that Kustom seems to be the best price for the quality we want.

    It's not that I don't think Peavey can do the job more than adequately, it's just that even 2 SP-5's at $250, that's $90 more. I'm not sure if the quality increase is worth $45 bucks a cab more, and that's if we can find something like that used.

    I'm still wandering what others are using. It seems a ton of watts and two 12' speakers will be fine.